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    US$189 AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box (16Gbps-TB2)

    Hi guys, New here and I have a lil' question : since I'm in Canada for now, would the price of "US$189+shipping" work ? If it's working, how much the shipping would cost ? I just need to send an email with my order and say that I'm from this forum ? The currency would be either $CAD or € since I also have a french credit card. I have a mid-2012 13" MacbookPro i7 2.9GHz with 8Go of RAM and a useless graphic card intel HD Graphics 4000. I will next see which graphic card I will buy (I do not want something overpowered, just enough to play casual games without my computer becoming a burning man) and the power supply matching it (I know that a lot of graphic cards will need to mod the AKiTiO in order for them to fit in). Thanks for your answers

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