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  1. Hi. I know it's been a while since the laptop premiere, but I still own a Dell 7720 with 3610QM and GT 650M. Ever since I bought this laptop, I've struggled with gpu throttling but the A17 bios seems to have fixed it. However, my problem is that my GPU won't go past 745Mhz. Even when I overclock it to say 850Mhz, it still stays at 745Mhz no matter what. I've tried changing performance settings in power management as well as Nvidia control panel. Immediately after upgrading bios to A17 it worked for some time, but now the problem returned. I've tried looking for a solution in this topic, but reading through 15 pages of quite lenghty posts is kinda hard. Do you have any solution to get my gpu go past 745Mhz clock? Best regards.

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