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  1. Hi, I apologize if this has come up before but I couldn't find it: I am trying to enable Intel's Quicksync on my windows partition of my 15" retina MacBook Pro. I understand that Quicksync utilizes the iGPU and I also understand the Apple has eliminated the use of the iGPU on the Windows Bootcamp Partition. I have done countless amounts of searching for a solution and I have found (I believe) a link to an EFI solution, which was posted here: However, people in this thread seem to only be concerned about utilizing the iGPU for lower battery consumption. My concern is only to use Quicksync. I do not care at all about the iGPU other than to use Quicksync for encoding live stream footage via OBS (open broadcast software) in order to use less CPU usage! Any thoughts? Thanks!
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