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  1. Hi @Tech Inferno Fan, How can I get specifically the setup 1.2, not the setup 1.3? Is there any options that I can select for? Or maybe I have to send you an email to ask specifically for the eGPU setup 1.2?
  2. Hello, I've tried a lot of times to get my eGPU recognized by my laptop. However, nothing works. My laptop is the MacBook Pro 2012 mid (non retina) w/ dGPU GT 650M. I install Windows 10 on my SSD via EFI mode. And I pretty much following everything from this guide by @LukeHero After I have three graphics card detected and install the driver, I disable the dGPU and reboot. But after that my laptop cannot detect the eGPU! I always connect and power on the eGPU before I power on and boot into windows. Is the procedure correct? If it is correct, then what should I do to make my laptop detect the eGPU?
  3. My laptop is a MacBook Pro 15" 2012 mid model (non retina version) with Windows 10 installed via Bootcamp. It has both iGPU (Intel HD Graphics 4000) and dGPU (Nvidia GT 650M). And I have the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti for the eGPU. When I run Windows 10, it only detects and uses the dGPU before I plug the eGPU. I did installed the latest driver, but the Nvidia Experience keeps asking me to update and install the latest driver over and over again after every time I restart the laptop. Currently, I'm facing the error 12 issue. I just want to use the eGPU when I want to play games sometimes. So, I don't want to completely disable the dGPU. Do I have to purchase the DIY eGPU Setup to solve this problem? If so, which version of the setup I should purchase? Or is there any other way to get through this problem?
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