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  1. Hi there!
    I think we spoke recently at Techinferno.
    With your modded BIOS, is the ME region still locked away or are you able to undervolt/overvolt your CPU in BIOS or via intel XTU? If not, then I have something really interesting for you to check out that might give us the possibility to unlock the ME region =)


    Problem is this, I know too little about BIOS modifications, but I do know that with those last 2MB for the ME region (a full 8MB dump of BIOS) we can do some really nice things. I stumbled up on a full dump from a Chinese source, I've compared the HEX in this dump and found that the majority of the file matches ASUS V210 BIOS. This , for me at least, indicates that this actually could be a legit BIOS for our system.


    I'm currently active in this thread on techinferno where we discuss this matter, but I need your help for this. 
    Please read my post!


    Imagine being able to lower the overall temps in the system by undervolting the system and at the same time push the BLCK slider for OC. 

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