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  1. I've started wondering if it would be possible to replace the R3 MB to the R4 ver. in my R3. If they are exactly the same in form and wouldn't require any external modification (misaligned usb ports ect). I'm aware that if I did this, I would need to replace the CPU. Is there anything else that would need replacement or would everything I currently have in my R3 (aside from the CPU) be compatible with the R4 MB. One last idea, would this also mean that I would regain 3D and would my Dell 680m be natively compatible? I'll continue searching the web but have currently only found 2 resources that doesn't tell me much. Anything else I may have not thought off, please feel free to inform me. Current System Win 8.1 M17X R3 Dell 680m 8GB 1TB HDD (2 x 500 Raid 0)
  2. If it still needs testing, I would be willing to test, I've bricked my system a few times, sooo, I'm not afraid to do it again, lol.
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