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  1. Today is the time for my egpu setup died since 1 month gaming with it. either gpu (gtx750ti) or exp gdc/hdmi cable... haven't test my video card to other pc yet.. i got error 42 and sometimes egpu not detected. either way i cannot use it anymore. so i cut the black rubber at the end of connection between mhdmi and mpcie male connector to see if any wire break.. what I see is they used a tiny cheap SINGLE CORE WIRE!!!! instead of stranded wire.. which it will easily break due to movement, and we know that the cable is quite long.. thats fucking ridiculous.. even normal cheap psu used multicore wire to prevent break.. and they sell the replacement cable for about 17 usd???? See the red wire..
  2. There is no problem with the mouse.. I also tried plugged in other usb device it cause same thing happen.. temporary undetected egpu (after unplugged any usb from the exp gdc).. but after switched off power ( laptop and adapter) for about 15 minutes.. turn on laptop and the egpu detected again.. I want to know what is the cause of temporary undetected egpu happen even after I didnt stick anything to the usb port.
  3. i have used exp gdc beast v8.0 for about 1 month now, yesterday I tried to use a usb mouse to the exp gdc.. but weird problem happen.. when power on my lptop has POST two times.. then i power off my lptop.. power it on again and post as usual.. but only stuck at windows logo.. then i unplugged the usb mouse from the exp gdc.. boot again.. After that i can enter windows. On device manager it says "driver cannot load on this device" on my egpu.. turn off again.. power on, then at setup 1.30 it says "egpu not detected".. this happen even after I unplugged the usb device. I was worried so i try unplugged all power cable.. used another wall plug and the egpu function as usual.. is there any potential damage to the gpu or adapter as i read the forum exp gdc has usb port issue.. 24 hours has passed since this happen, there is no problem for now..
  4. can i use optimus on egpu without disabling dgpu in windows 10?
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