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  1. I tried that and after force installing the driver I found out a new one is out XD! So I dowloaded it and still nothing, my Mac still boots with the graphics card but wont detect the card
  2. Ok, I have been trying to get my MacBook to work with my egpu on sierra but it just wont boot, it gets stuck mid loading if I have the GPU connected, Do you know if its possible to get the eGPU (GTX 970) working on Mac OS sierra? MacBook Pro mid 2015 15inch (base model).
  3. Thank you I will try that when I will be able to get the GPU working on mac LA's sierra
  4. Hello, I have just recently bought a eGPU and well, its awesome for games / windows but mac is a completely different story, It works. but the UI lags while switching windows, sliding full screen apps and doing even the most basic tasks.. Is there anyway to fix this? Thank you and have a lovely day! Specs: - Base model Mid 2015 Macbook pro retina 15 inch - Akitio Thunder 2 - 200WAT PSU - GTX 970 - Monitor: Samsung U28D590D 4K monitor
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