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  1. I ran some tests on my Win10 box. Idle temps are reported at 22*C and I ran a load on the card using Octane to bring the card to 99% for 15mins and log the temps to a text file. My discovery was that the temps never passed 34*C and the blower fan never went past 45% power (40% was idle so it was inaudibly different). Maybe even though Mac doesn't report the temperatures, the card will be just fine with this setup running 24/7 on 99% load.
  2. I am at work at the moment, where my eGPU lives, but I will take it home tonight and test it on a proper Windows environment. I just ran Unigine Heaven on the card using an external monitor after letting it cool for awhile. The GPU info on screen reported 71ºC on the very first frame starting the bench mark and crashed after the first scene. I manually have the radiator fans set to 100%. Something isn't right.
  3. Just a follow up after further testing. I have run multiple test and benchmarks on the 780 Ti which is being cooled by the Corsair H105 watercooler. I am getting no discernible readings from the computer that can be from the GPU. If anyone can point me to where the sensor is I would be appreciated. The temps I thought were the card are 53ºC at idle and under load so that cant be right. I have had the card rendering for the last 23 hours and cannot see any sensor showing a load or temperature change over time. Also, the blower fan on the unit is still running at idle. The same action of rending under windows (using the 300mm riser and no eGPU) results in a ramping of the fans when a new frame begins to load. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. Ah, I see. I did use iStat to investigate temperatures because I found through other threads as well that the GPU is supposed to control the fan speed. I haven't attempted to send a final render through it while in OSX to give it a sustained 100% load for extended time. While using the Octane live preview in Cinema 4D for 15-20mins I noticed a subtle burning plastic smell and quickly shut everything down. I don't think iStat is reporting the proper temperature because it not once went to 80 degrees Celsius. Not once did the fans ramp up from idle. The card works perfectly fine in my desktop. I bench tested it and noted the fan speeds changing and temperatures.
  5. Hello everyone, After much searching I can't seem to find a fix to this. I just completely my eGPU set-up with a 780 Ti and an Akitio case for use with Octane in Cinema 4D. Everything is recognized and working well, drivers are up to date, and I am able to render using the Octane plugin. My issue is that the fan speed does not change under load. I checked the card in my PC and it runs perfectly fine, temps are great. Is there a way to set a fan curve from within OSX or is my only option to install Windows? I plan on adding an H80i water cooler eventually, is that how others are bypassing this issue? To have an aftermarket cooler running off of the PSU?
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