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  1. After the death of my e6430 modded and overclocked and with an gtx980 attached, a death without any notice before, I turned to a lenovo thinkstation s30 with a xeon e5-1660, mounted the gtx980 and the difference is huge.. bye friend. Inviato dal mio Lenovo P2a42 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. You have to use Thaiphoon Burner to set One or two xmp profile and after you can enable one of them using uefi. The program is not freeware but is cheap, also a time licence will be good for your work. You can set slower timing on xmp profile and see what will do, in case of not booting you have to pull out battery and reset your uefi setup, than change the xmp profile to something else and try.. The program works from windows and is pretty easy, bye. Inviato dal mio Lenovo P2a42 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. my e6430 won't turn on anymore, tried everything ; battery, memory etc but it won't start. when i press power button the led light up but except that, nothing... shut down normally an dead in the night.
  4. I don't know this, sorry.. Inviato dal mio Lenovo P2a42 utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. Yes is possibile, look some page ago to my post, with less than 10€ you Can solve the problem removing only the keyboard and flash new bios Inviato dal mio Lenovo P2a42 utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. hi everyone, i'm still an happy owner of a full overclocked and egpu-modded e6430.. is working great but i got two small problems: sometimes, when i leave my pc without doing nothing for an half of hour, it loses the screen (black screen) the computer remains powered but on internal monitor nothing is displayed and i have to shut donw manually with power button and start another time. the problem occurs both in windows and linux os i've disabled also power saving but the problem sometimes come back. another Small problem is that the boot is too slow for my opinion, from when i push power button until the o.s. starts to go there are many seconds, too much in my opinion for a 4 ghz super laptop, if i disconnect egpu the boot is much faster.. what can i do? Thanks.
  7. the original bin can't be programmed directly, you need another two dump files, but i got them, the programmer you need is the CH341A , don't worry about driver , you will found everything on youtube guide, another thing (important) is a soic8 clip, i've bought twice from a seller on ebay, i've asked now if he got someone else of them, i will you inform when he will answer, bye. edit : that's are the correct files to flash, works on every e6430 and must programmed on correct serial eeprom , the u52 and u53 are written over motherboard near that chip. http://dropcanvas.com/1uz5y
  8. aldimeola81

    I just want to confirm before purchasing questions

    Yes, is good but why not a dell http://poweradapter.co/dell-d220p01-da2-series-ac-adapter-12vdc-18a-220w-8pin-externa-p-2955.html Much better for external use than atx supply, bye
  9. Depend of what part of bios is corrupted/bad configured, maybe you have modified some wrong value , that has been effective when you removed the cmos battery and now the PC won't start, if you want to try I have the bin files to flash, is really easy, you have to remove the keyboard only and flash the two serial eeprom, bye.
  10. Here a photo of my setup: e6430, dual ssd raid 0 , another external ssd for Linux, gtx980, fully overclocked.
  11. aldimeola81

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Yes. anyway is not a good idea use an egpu on internal laptop monitor cause the bandwidth will be divided from back and front connection and will be practically slow.. Much better to go on external big monitor to enjoy the GPU power, if you got at least 2.0 connection and you will use external monitor, you can buy rx470, otherwise go to gtx960.. Anyway if the price is not so different go to nvidia without regret, i've used the msi gtx960 and it worked like charm, no noise, has backplate, warm, pretty, looking perfect for egpu, bye.
  12. The defect appear to be corrupted bios, try to flash with a cheap programmer, I've done also and now is back to life. I've written how do that some pages before, bye
  13. aldimeola81

    I just want to confirm before purchasing questions

    Hi man, for me your laptop is too old if you want take benefit of an egpu in gaming, so you will spend much money for almost no benefit. The bandwith will be too small, modern games needs a bandwith of Gb/s to go at decent frame rate at good resolution, 250Mb/s will be the minimum. Also you need a better CPU , memory and so on. My advice to start into an easy way is go to Dell e6430 (the easier is igpu only), pe4c pciexpress adapter and some gtx 960-970, also if you are a noob it will works on connect. After you Can do plenty of mods if you like but not required for egpu. Bye.
  14. @ parkthedude For first I think is not northbridge the pad you miss but Intel graphics.. My advice is to remove all thermal pads, clean the cooler pads and CPU/GPU with alcohol and use good thermal paste instead, it will go much better, a good and hard thermal paste is the gelid extreme, it will work also on thick gap. On small pads terminal you can buy some thermal pads of right thickness but the thermal performance of pads is generally much lower than thermal paste, so I don't recommend it. Some time ago I've used also some high performance thermal carbonium pads, very expensive but useless. Be sure to press well the cooler heather on cpu-gpu when you will mount it and before put screws on, you have to release the pressure only when you have tightened all screws, the thickness of the thermal pads must tend to 0 if you want to have the maximum cooling performance. Bye.
  15. you can't add the card cause is soldered on motherboard, and anyway will be really useless with modern games.. but you can add an egpu on your laptop and is really EASY for your model. You need a bplus pe4c and any desktop graphic card.. so you can really take benefit of this upgrade, bye.
  16. aldimeola81

    I just want to confirm before purchasing questions

    I have a gtx 980 connected due bplus pe4c 3.0 to my e6430 and I can say is useless use so expensive cards, before I had the gtx960 and the performance was about the same with a lower temperature and power consumption.. I think the gtx970 is the best deal for a egpu connected to a slow PCI at 1x2.0 connection.. The bandwidth is the bottleneck, you can take advance of the high end cards only with thunderbolt 2.0 or higher
  17. Are you sure is a link problem and not a supply problem? These cards drain much power, try to limit the maximum power to 70% into MSI overburner application and post your result. Try also to reset memory overclock, and speed down your CPU overclock.. I've experienced stability problem with 1800 MHz and I've returned to default. The egpu stress the system himself and some problems you haven't noticed before start to breaks your balls. Good luck
  18. for execute fpt program you must be in the right folder where fpt is, you have to go in right folder and after will work, for your easy you move the folder where is fpt program on the root of usb drive, so you can see it.use DIR to show file and folder, and when you see the fpt executable you can do the work. about memory, i hope you better go to quad core i7 and after with Ram Upgrade. on mine i've done dual ssd raid O for speed, it go at 1000 Mb/s .. tried to overclock the memory at 1800 mhz, i've also overclocked the i7-3720qm and used a gtx980 as egpu.. it works fine but i doesn't fly like you expect.. maybe the shitty O.S are the bottleneck.. bye.
  19. About fan control i have to say another thing: the motherboard is not capable to recognize if the fan is working or not, I've started my e6430 without fan connected and it started normally, no warning, nothing... Weird but true Inviato dal mio Lenovo P70-A utilizzando Tapatalk
  20. @timohour thanks for compliments.. i want to add second lane, using an internal mpci .. But i've understood well? I will use only one mpci to obtain 2.2 connection? Not expresscard too? please send me a pinout, thanks. p.s. is possible to do 4x mods?
  21. aldimeola81

    PE4C v3.0 running at PCIE 1.1

    @Tech Inferno Fan how are you? a big hug for you.. i got a pe4c 3.0 with a gtx980 installed connected to an e6430 laptop.. it works very good (10000 in firestrike) but i would use x2 2.0 connection that my v3 version doesn't support. i'm thinking to solder the second line to my pe4c and connecting to minipci .. but i need a pinout.. do you think is possible? someone has done it before? Thanks.!
  22. aldimeola81

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    after several attempts and several laptops I've found one that works 100% with a egpu, I recommend this configuration to those who are not very experienced; that one works out of the box. dell e6430 iGPU only, pe4c, and video card I used a gtx980 and an external monitor. zero problems on windows, linux and anywhere. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/12899017
  23. @timohour i'm using the pe4c v3.0 with single 2.0 lane but i would use x2 2.0 link as pe4c 2.1 do, is possible to solder the additional lane to the pe4c v3 pcb? someone got the schematics? or has made some diy adapter? i got no problem with soldering or doing hardware mods but i need to know how add second lane, thanks.
  24. first benchmark after GTX980 upgrade, no optimus and single 2.0 pci http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/12759297 not bad, what do you think?
  25. i'm planning to upgrade my Msi gtx 960 4g gaming with something better, i'm using dell da-2 supply, what's the best card i can buy around 400€? thanks. due is an egpu system i prefer if the video card got a backplate,so i've seen zotac gtx980 .. is too big for dell power supply? thanks.

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