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  1. So Ihave a question. My laptop configuration: name laptop: MSI GE60 OND 64gb msata ssd windows 7 64 bit i5 3230m gtx 660m 8gb ram I have the opportunity to upgrade i5 3230m to i7 3940xm, which can also be overclocked. This will cost me 270 Dollars! http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/CPUs/Intel/Core_i7_Mobile_Extreme_Edition/i7-3940XM.html graphics is definitely not upgradeablle on msi ge60 i think. When this cpu upgrade will bring at least 15 fps more in games, it should be worth. What do you think? Example: battlefield 4(high) i5 3230m gtx 660m actual 32fps in ultra i have 16 fps maybe the i7 with overclock will support the gpu and battlefield can be run on ultra easily??!
  2. Hello dear friends, I have thought to buy myself a gaming Notebook. I want to use it for a Long time. As i heard, gaming Laptops has th big disadvantage, that they don´t hold much Long. But i want protability and Performance. So i thought to buy in one month a Laptop named gygabite p35x v5 or p35x v7. They both have good specs such like 4k and good graphics gtx 980m Links: http://www.excaliberpc.com/638084/gigabyte-p35xv5-sl4k2-15.6-uhd-ips.html http://www.excaliberpc.com/638089/gigabyte-p37xv5-sl4k2-17.3-uhd-ips.html My questions are, are These Laptops good. Is the brand Gigabyte good. How is the stability? But the moost concern i have about this Laptop is, will i be able to overclock gtx 980m of this Notebook. I looked in this Forum and i saw many vbios mods, unlocking voltage mods, but not for this type of brand. The big Problem will be for me the +135 mhz Limit. This Little overclock is not what i want. But i have seen a General gtx 980m vbios, whis could be for all notebooks with gtx 980m. It´s the link https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/6729-nvidia-maxwell-vbios-mods-900m-series-overclocking-versions/ . Will this overclocking guide work for the Laptop models above?
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