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  1. eerie_noizez

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    i hav3e a problem with diy egpu 1.3 not picking up my egpu any ideas on what mught be causing it or are there any good walk throughs that last more than 15 seconds and go a little more in depth im new at this and could use a bit of an explanation please help
  2. eerie_noizez

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    i decided to get an egpu and i purchased the diy setup and im going thru it and im trying to follow some of the tutorials and they are all over the place and some of them only last like 15 seconds which is kinda of ridiculous to follow so when i start off my egpu isnt detected so i do the unplug thing and i follow the pci compaction to 32 bit and i go to the dos prompt and enter the iport bridge command but i really have no idea what im doing after that any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. https://8ch.net/cyber/res/38374.html

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