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  1. Hi Cebik, I don't have any Idea for radeon, sorry for that. AA
  2. Actually yes, but it shows two GPU in Device panels..... my laptop set to Discreet GPU and eGPU is disconnect now..
  3. My system 15.6" Lenovo Thinkpad P50 20EN i7-6700HQ 2.6Ghz CPU 40GB RAM 2133mhz ddr4, Win 10 x64 BPlus PE4L-EC060A 2.1b eGPU adapter GTX 960 DDR5 4GB 350 W power supply result as attached pictures... facing with windows crashing initially, updating driver problem solved... no 1.3 setup needed, from bios discreet graphics selected otherwise system will not start.... 1st have to install intel driver, then quadro driver, Plug PE4L, will be noticed new graphics adapter, then install latest Nvidia driver, mine is 378.49, That's it...
  4. Sorry for late reply.... It is again in Unsuccessful situation..... No luck... can't even find out the problem behind for this...... I find this https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/External-GPUs-on-P50-Mobile-Workstation-ThinkPad-Systems/ta-p/3537320
  5. Today is great day, I can start using my eGPU setup again on my new Thinkpad P50, but I can not disable completely discrete Nvidia 1000M card so I will not geting full GPU performance 100%.
  6. Is there any information for Latest Thinkpad P50 eGPU setup, System wont run When I connect Pe4l 2.1b with express card . Please give me Ideas....
  7. If you consider low power and good not best in performance then go for this setup......
  8. Windows 10 released, Can anyone confirm that windows 10 can get internal Optimus Nvidia GPU?? As we know that Windows 8.1 could not work on Optimus GPU. Thanks.
  9. My system 14" Lenovo T420 i5-2520M 2.5Ghz CPU 16GB RAM 1600mhz ddr3, Win 8.1 BPlus PE4L-EC060A 2.1b eGPU adapter GTX 750ti DDR5 2GB 350 W power supply thanks #Tech Inferno Fan Hear my laptop details. T420 4180au1 16GB ADATA 1600mhz , Tried 8GB but same result C: is 128GB SSD GTX750ti Bios version 1.46, I tried 1.15 also but result varied 2-3% PE4L-EC060A 2.1b 3dmark11.gpu=4837 3dmark13-FS.gpu=4062 and 3dmark06 is 11600 My System by CPU-z pcidmpw GPU-z
  10. Dear @Tech Inferno Fan I want to upgrade my GTX 750ti. Which card you prefer in reasonable price.
  11. yes Your process is completely correct. I forget to mention that what cuases the problem to troubleshoot. I remove Nvidia Driver on working eGPU because of Fifa15 stuttering prroblem. I did many trial and error But unfortunately the game have some lack....knowing searching EA forum..... anyway is it gtx 750ti can OC. I tried by Asus Gpu tweak driver crashes.....any suggestion?
  12. Wow thay nice scoring but I surprosed why I am getting 4126 in my T420
  13. Hey louiek, Very glad to hear that you are getting good benchmark on your setup. can you share the score here?
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