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  1. I did what you advised me to. Better pay 250€ more for the card instead of wasting time for nothing. Thank you all for your help, I will be back when I got a new, working card from a reliable (non private) seller.
  2. Thank you very much. Now I do at least know that I can get my money back if I can't get it to work. So my current bios is version 1.02.17PM v2, the vBios is 84.04.2F.00.79 (see screenshots above). Stormy mentioned before, that the versions seem to be fine. Can I do anything now, or is the card definitely broken?
  3. Is the GPU also soldered on the P650SG? It was this notebook which he mentioned in his auction (which I wrote before). Or are these the same notebooks? This would help me a lot if it's actually broken. Also, I only found the vBios on this site: https://biosmods.wordpress.com/gtx9/ (compatible with the P170EM, downloaded the 8GB version) which I thought that it was the stock version. This was already installed before Where can I find another version? PS: I edited the posts above so the screenshots are visible again.
  4. In the last week, when the forum was down, I checked the graphics card on broken/overheated parts and found out that one ram stick was broken at the side. Also, the entire graphics card is extremely dirty and some pins are not golden anymore but silver. The seller says that it's my own risk when I buy something out of a private hand, although it was not declared before. I guess, I will open a case on ebay and send it back. If you have any recommendations to make it work anyways, please do tell me. Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you for your answers. I am using my Radeon 7970M at the moment, because it shuts down eighter with the GTX 980M or no card at all (as Khenglish mentioned before). While having the NVidia plugged in, the program NVidia Inspector shows nothing, it's all greyed out as if there wasn't any card existing. The Bios also shows an empty VGA-slot with the GTX 980M, but GPU-Z does recognize the card without problem (as visible on the screnshots before. This happens without any drivers installed as the notebook shuts down too fast. So if the program NVidia Inspector needs drivers, that could be the reason for it. Also, the last time I tried installing drivers, it told me that there was no compatible hardware on my computer, although it worked before (and GPU-Z recognizes the card). What can I do now?
  6. I'm sorry for my late response. Two days after the flash, my laptop started beeping and shut down automatically. I flashed the EC various times (power+battery off for 5 minutes + pressing the ON-key to make sure), but it didn't help. I even reflashed Prema's Bios and reset the EC but it didn't help. I can't really imagine that this is the graphic cards fault as the notebook continues shutting down even without graphics card. Anyways, the requested images: With old termal pads (moved the AMD ones around) Without thermal pads I get Arctic Thermal Pads (0.5mm/1.0mm) tomorrow, so I can try it again with new pads. If you have recommendations, please go ahead.
  7. I recently flashed my Bios in order to get the gtx980m working in my laptop. Now, shortly after booting, fans will blow with full power, and the num, caps, and scroll lock lights keep flashing including the beep sound of a critical battery. After 12 times, the computer shuts down. After flashing, I didn't disconnect the PSU for about 30 sec (didn't see that in the readme). Prema wrote in another thread to the same problem, that reflashing the mod will reset the EC and may help. But my fear is, that it will shutdown before flashing is finished and this way brick my notebook. How long will it take and could it be that this emergency shutdown is disabled while flashing? I hope for a quick response as my notebook is unusuable right now and I need it for work.
  8. Hello,I was reading this thread carefully, but after all tries, I didn't manage to get the card running. I removed the AMD drivers (via DDU) and mounted the new graphic card. Then, I successfully flashed the Bios as explained and updated the vBios of the 980M to 84.04.2F.00.79. After that, I installed the 347.12 driver as in this thread they seem to be the most reliable (followed by 347.52. I tried it both with unchanged and changed nv_disp(u)i.inf. Now I wonder why it doesn't work. Do I have to update the EC as well? Is it the wrong driver? If so, which file would I need to change in the newest (358) driver? I couldn't find a nv_dispi.inf over there. Or do I have to create a new disp(u)i.inf file? And why does it show only 3GB? Is the GPU broken, or is it a bug? I am asking that, because I bought the GPU on ebay from a user who wrote that he didn't succeed to get the GPU running in an Alienware (SLI) but both ran on a Clevo P650SG. And if it is broken, how could I check that? I posted some screenshots below. Sensors of the NVidia don't work either. System stats:Clevo P170EMi7 3840QM (@2,8-3,8GHz not OC | Intel HD 4000 24GB RAM NVidia GTX 980M (AMD Radeon 7970M worked fine before) Win 7 Professional 64bit I hope that you can help me out somehow. Update: With the 347.52 driver (I extracted the .exe with 7zip as I found no other way to edit the .inf), the GPU won't be recognized in GPU-Z.
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