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  1. Thanks a lot. Just to be clear: on B, you've heard of people overclocking the p870dm to 100hz? Or just laptop monitors in general to 100hz? If you recall, could you please link me to where you've seen this? This would change my decision between buying the p377sm-a and the p870dm, as 100hz would be acceptable.
  2. <article> I really want the p870dm (either Sager or Eurocom). That said, I also really want a 120hz monitor on my laptop. I play competitive CS:GO (that is the primary, but not sole, reason for buying the machine). I have a great desktop, but travel a lot, so the external monitor bit doesn't really work here. I know that i can get an x8 Extreme from Eurocom today (p377sm-a), which ships w/ 120hz monitor. It also, though, is a mobile haswell CPU (vs. desktop Skylake). Looking through these and other forums, it looks like people were initially optimistic about a 120hz mod for the p870dm but I haven't seen any progress on that front. Wondering if people here think A) a 120hz mod for p870dm will come (i.e., 3rd party purchase of 120hz laptop monitor), if not, how much I could overclock the p870dm refresh rate? and C) if not, how much worse is the p377sm-a from a performance standpoint? Thanks! </article>
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