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    I didn't see any thread for the latest stable AMD drivers so I figured I'd chime in on my experience with them. They installed successfully and I was able to reboot but the whole system locked up after 10 min of browsing the web and I was forced to hard restart. I kept getting blue screens and was never able to load windows. I have prema v2 bios but does anyone else with an AMD mobility card have problems with this driver? I noticed AMD Overdrive is finally available for my GPU (8970M) but never had a chance to use it.
  2. I have prema bios v2 on sager p150sm. Anyone with an i7 4700mq have any stable numbers they use for overclocking the CPU. It seems the general consensus around here is to use Intel XTU to overclock the CPU and to not do it in the bios.
  3. So I just successfully flashed my bios using Prema Mod's P15xSM_34_31_PM_v2. Would anyone be able to explain how to overclock an AMD GPU after doing this, specifically the 8970m (R M290X)? I am using Sapphire Trixx and the core and memory clocks are adjustable however GPU Voltage and VRM Temperature are N/A. increasing the memory clock causes crashing. I have ULPS disabled.
  4. Anyone know where I can find miscellaneous parts for a p150sm such as bottom cover screws and the nonskid rubber pegs that adhere to the bottom?
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