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  1. 3383 I've been looking or a new storage drive to compliment my Samsung 850 Pro and came across this one http://www.amazon.com/Blue-SSHD-Desktop-Hard-Drive/dp/B00YY3UA68 It says it's supposed to be 5x faster than a normal 5400rpm drive (which tells me it should be even faster than 7200 and probably even 10k drives. Has anyone actually speed tested this and can post results?3846
  2. 2418 The main issue you run into with any overclocking job is the tendency to overheat. In a desktop, this can easily be overcome through several methods: massive heatsinks and fans, liquid cooling, dry ice, I've even seen a gaming room built inside a walk-in freezer. When you overclock on a laptop, your options become much more limited. Sure, with heavy mods you can add a liquid cooling system or some outrageous heatsink, but more than likely it will lose it's portability (at least to an extent). If you do OC, I'd go with Cotofana's suggestion and definitely repaste first, but I'd advise against OCing too much. Start out with baby steps, bumping up by small increments and keep a close eye on your temps.
  3. So I've got an old X7200 that's still going strong, but just recently I've come into possession of a motherboard from a P570WM (for FREE!). In light of this, and noticing how the casing looks the same on both laptops, does anyone know if a motherboard swap would be doable? I understand I'd need a new cpu, but before I invest any cash, I figured I should ask people that know better than I if it's even feasible.
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