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  1. Hi there, Just in case, i solved my issue, very easily in fact. i opened an hexa editor (HEXEDIT for example), opened the 8Mb and 6Mb files, did copy the 6Mb part to clipboard, went to 8Mb file, went to adress 80000h-60000h=20000h, and selected from there to end and pasted the data. save, exit, burn the file into a chip, soldered it and VOILA. if anyone needs the bios dump file of this modded G75VW with GTX 670MX (and lots of menus in BIOS no more hidden), just pm me.
  2. Hi there, i have the same laptop G75VW with a GTX 670MX (in fact i have 2) i have done, long time ago this mod to inject the 670Mx graphic part into the bios , replacing the 660M graphic part. (using afuwingui, FTK, and MMTOOL) now, here is my issue: i cannot dump this BIOS because the CPU cannot read a protected area (ME) i can only make 6Mb dumps ...instead of the complete 8Mb (including ME) now, it has been 3 years and i do not remember this complete procedure exactly, especially the injecting part, how to save the graphic part with the card's ID and inject the other part with other ID in MMTOOL.exe...) (i even still have the 88Kb file for the MX graphic part) so here is my question : could you send me this G75VW modded BIOS ? i see here the max file size is only 1MB !! how can i send you my files ? other question : with the 6Mb part, can you add the ME part to make the 8Mb file ?? because i have the complete finished file of 6Mb, includding unlocked menus in BIOS...and original G75VW file of my BIOS (but 8Mb) Ty for your assistance. ASUS.G75VX.670MX.rom
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