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  1. Thanks, I will give it a shot when I have a bit of time to mess around with it. The original reason I needed this was for a Wowza server that hosts Live Feeds from Cameras that we host for Local Business and Lake Communities for free, so that is a bit more important to get working than my home computer trans-coding an occasional mkv to mp4 so it will play on my Roku without using my CPU (also not a huge deal because my home computer is a monster compared to the Wowza server, cheap boss).
  2. I installed 344.11 for my Geforce 970 SSC using the instructions and then tried to follow #3. It gives me an error on both cmds says that it may not be compatible with version of windows check if it is x86 or x64. I have made sure they are the correct ones according to the instructions. x64 in System32. x86 in SysWoW64. Am I doing something wrong? Edit: I finally got it to work. Well worth the $5 I paid to be able to download it. Not too happy with NVidia putting a 2 stream limit on NVENC for all GeForce cards. I have a GeForce on a different computer with Windows 10 on it that also lost Legacy CUDA. Do I have any options for that?
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