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  1. Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I am planning on doing an eGPU setup with my 2015 Macbook Pro 13. I have been looking at the implementation guide using a 970 posted on the forums and I have some questions. Will I be able to use my notebook's internal display? I want to use my eGPU for Second Life and League of Legends. From what I've gathered, it seems that games do not work in fullscreen on the internal LCD. As a workaround, could I use windowed or borderless fullscreen modes? How big is the performance hit in games? I plan on using a 950 for cost reasons. I don't expect to play all games on ultra, but I am looking for decent framerates at 1080p and medium settings with most games. I am concerned about how well Second Life will run on an eGPU. If anyone is willing to give it a try (it's a small download and completely free) I would appreciate their input. Finally, how well do eGPUs work in OS X? I see a lot of people discussing the use of eGPUs bootcamped into Windows, but not a lot on OS X. I am a bit afraid to spend ~$400 on something that may not work.
  2. So windowed and borderless work, but not fullscreen? Interesting. I am looking into getting an eGPU for Second Life under OS X, which is generally run windowed anyways. If you have tried this application with your eGPU, your findings would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Where else can I purchase the cables that were in the eBay link of the original post? I'd rather not deal with the annoyance of soldering as I have shaky hands. Also, has anyone confirmed this to work on OS X 10.11? I'm thinking about doing this myself, as long as I can get it working reliably using the internal display.
  4. Hi, I'm thinking about doing this with the ASUS 960 Mini. Would you happen to know if this card will fit the same? In addition, does this work on OS X El Capitan?
  5. I would not be able to use the internal display? I'd invest into a docking station and a cheap monitor, then.
  6. Hi, I am interested in giving eGPU a try. I was thinking of getting something like a GTX 960. I am wondering if it is possible to get this working reliably under OS X, as I do not want to install Windows. The setups I see on this forum are awesome, and I'm really excited to see if this is a possibility for me.
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