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  1. Hi guys, Before posting I searched this forum back and forth multiple times to make sure I am not asking a question that has already been addressed. Well, it hasn't unfortunately. I own an Alienware 17 (2013). Last month its GTX 780M breathed its last. I mourned it shortly and I am now ready for a new GPU. My fantasy is to outfit my system with a Quadro K5100M. (Even a K4100M would do if I think about it.) A long time ago I came across an ebay seller offering customized Alinware 17 (R5) systems with K5100M GPUs. I PMed the dealer and they confirmed to me that they were the ones doing the customization, not the original manufacturer. So this tells me it is possible and, needless to say, I'd love to do it too. Hope there are folks that can help me with this by sharing their insights and knowledge. I would appreciate any relevant input, guys. Thanks!
  2. To the best of my knowledge there are no triple pipe CPU heatsinks for Alienware 17 (2013). I have been looking for the same thing for a long time, it's been the only thing that's prevented me from upgrading to an extreme edition CPU.
  3. Also, when you do upgrade I would suggest you use a thermal paste remover and surface purifier to clean the heatsink (and the upgrade CPU die as well if it is not brand new) before you apply the new thermal paste. I know this is radical common sense to some, but I have seen people disregard this step and get very poor heat transfers. Better do it right from the first take.
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