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  1. I'm going to shorten this because my original post that i had submitted didn't even go through cause of my internet connection. Is there any files to unlock the alienware14 BIOS? I found a setting inside of the bios that read something of the lines of "Overclocking" It was set on [Disabled] I tried enabling it, BUT i couldn't hover over it thus not allowing me to Enable it. i was watching this video And after speaking to him he said that he didn't have the files for the alienware14 and suggested i come here. He said to be able to tweak it you would need to flash your Vbios (Whatever that means) And i can't flash my Vbios because there isnt any files to flash it with lol. so this is where i hope you guys come to play.... is there any files for unlocking the alienware14 bios? thank you P.S the most reason i want to overclock is for running many instances of a game i play and i need a stronger CPU, anyway i can overclock my CPU too? And can i overclock both GPU and CPU? thank you
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