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  1. Hey, I am unable to use the links on the first page, the forums say my user does not have permission? Perhaps this is due to me being relatively new here, or the links are stale. Are these available anywhere else? Specifically I'm after the service manual for P15xSM. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I had pretty good success with my GPU upgrade a few months back, although at the same time I realised my battery was on it's last legs. I bought a replacement that I had to send back as it was faulty, but now I have got a working one and it's running very close to the edge in terms of power draw. If I run any heavy GPU benchmarks, or even max out the CPU for any length of time on battery it will just power off in an instant. It's doing this both on Windows and Linux (the latter with the nvidia card completely disabled). I'm running Prema's Mods for both Bios and vBios. Is this something that other people have experienced? Shouldn't the power consumption be scaled back when running on battery just for this reason? Perhaps this is something the prema BIOS turns on/off, but I can't seem to find any other references to this. Any ideas how to manage this? Thanks in advance, Pete
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