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  1. Bios for 3.0.5 contains the same or different voltages for 750M and 755M? If you use the same voltage, the 750m can work stably, but the 755 is not.

    Did you actually test it or do you just claim that it won't work?

    I'd be very surprised if the voltage I set is too low for the 755m.

    On this note, is there some more input for a version with a lower default voltage? Anyone interested? As I said, you guys would have to tell me what's a stable voltage at default boost clocks.

    Can any one please post full tutorial what to do? Step by step?
    Some clearer Instruction on how to install the new version with an 3.05 stock bios already installed would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll update the first post with instructions now. Can't make a video, I don't have an Y510p / Y410p.

  2. Mine can run MSI Kombustor - Fur Test for about 5 min with 0.987V(-112mV) without any artifacts or driver crash. At 0.975V(-125mV) it has some artifact, but the driver does not crash. Lower than that, there is lot of artifacts and the driver will crash. With default 1058MHz clock.[ATTACH=CONFIG]12088[/ATTACH]

    Cool, even though I can't recommend that test, not necessarily healthy for the voltage supply circuits of the GPU.

    Anyway, would be nice to see if 1v is game stable for everyone.

    Is this mod compatible with the 755M version?


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  3. Has anyone tried the vbios mod from SV7 and JohnKiss in the Alienware 18? If it fixes the thrrottling issues i will make the green light the purchase of the Alienware 18.

    It will fix the throttling as far as you don't push the cards beyond the power limit on the motherboard of the AW18, if you push the cards too far then it will still not perform properly since Dell crippled the mobo.


    80.04.AE.00.04 (P2053-0503). In my dell precision I have installed dell vga card but probably with hp customized bios and for example there is problem to turn off optiomus in bios - No display.

    Thats why I am searching oryginal dell bios for k5100m.

    Here. Please send me a copy of your vbios, thanks.

    Dell K5100m.rom.zip

  4. c

    If it would help you, i could do some tests. i could start by reflashing the current modded bios you have out for the gtx880m and see if my problem persists?

    Thanks, reflashing won't be necessary. I'll have to take a look at the vbios again.

    I have attached my BIOS. Maybe u can take a look if the vBios is part of the Bios.

    I'm sorry, I won't work on bios mods unless I know that there's at least a chance of flashing a modified firmware without issues. Thanks to secure boot and related crap it can be impossible to just flash an unsigned image.

    I'll need you to run this in DOS and send me the file / post the file it creates. That will already give me some information I need. Also I'll need a link to an official bios update if available.

  5. The mobile equivalent to the PCI-e standard is called MXM, current revision is 3.1 (backwards compatible to 3.0). It's a standard that specifies a mechanical and a software interface for mobile GPU modules.

    Alienware adheres to those specs pretty well in many of their systems, e.g. AW17, AW18, M18x R1, R2, M17x R2, R3 and R4, M15x.

    MSI has shown decent MXM supports as well in the past.

    Clevo is a bit weird, while they praise themselves for full MXM compatibility (especially the reseller called eurocom), that's simply not the case. While the mechanical interface is MXM, the software mechanism is crippled in most systems and usually doesn't allow you to get a next-gen or even two gen newer card to work properly. That's really a pity, cause those systems could have great potential if the firmware was as well implemented as in for example AW systems. A reason to restrict MXM functionality is obvious... some OEMs don't want you to be able to upgrade the GPU for years, they want you to buy a new system.

    That's why Asus doesn't adhere to the MXM specs AT ALL. Different module size, layout, and especially software interface. No MXM compatibility there.

    Tl;dr: Mobile GPU equivalent to desktop PCIe GPUs is called MXM. With Alienware and MSI systems that use MXM you have a good chance that you can upgrade your GPU. With Asus you simply can't. With Clevo it's usually pretty tricky and newer gen cards than the system was shipped with most likely cause issues.

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  6. and would you please take a look at these pics and tell me why im geting 2 diffrent readings ? and why the ThrottleStop stop dosent keep the clock at 3.4 or so ...

    You might want to read the instructions / documentation of RealTemp.

    by the way cutout doesnt realy works here since its one time use u dont wanna change it everytime

    Hello captain obvious... I'm not talking about a part that's designed for one-time-use, please, some common-sense. You'd have to use something like this.

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