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  1. If that's your board, then it looks like the bios chip is soldered between the first and second pci-e slot.

    There's a header next to it that might be wired to it and could allow you to reprogram the chip without soldering.


    Thanks @Conker for finding the board with so few information.

    EDIT: If you need a bios chip I might be able to help you.

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  2. Hi, it is Just me, or the file "v305Mod.bin" is missing in the zip file now?

    I could find the EC file "EC305.bin", but I couldn't find the 3.05 modded bios file (also, the link at (2) appears to be broken).

    There's no such file, read the instructions carefully, you need to create that file with the BiosFixer.

    I'll fix that link.

    No, I was just running the game, after flashing the new bios the main gpu doesn't get more than 82º but I'm having the same trouble with the ultrabay gpu :(.

    EDIT: I tested the same game again with SLI disabled, now the main GPU go up to 100% load if needed and the heat up to 92-93 maximum this GPU is working perfectly, the ultrabay GPU seems defective to me, with SLI enabled the ultrabay GPU go up to 100º and start throttling like hell, also doesn't let the main GPU load more than 30-50% of it's power.

    You run into heat issues. Renew the thermal compound in your system and maybe consider lowering the GPU voltage, if possible without loosing stability.

    You can put GPU to 99% load either with FurMark

    Uh, bad idea. Don't use this if you want a working GPU.

    Can we have a version where auto downclock/downvolt is working?

    That's only properly working when that stupid boost stuff is active... I could provide a bios with stock vbios.

  3. The funny thing is that im on modded v3.05 bios now... and ultrabay gpu vbios is flashed, am i doing something wrong?

    According to your screenshot you did not flash the ultra bay vbios.

    can i just flash from the modded 2.07 bios installed to the modded 3.05 bios?.................................also do i have to remove my 7260 AC card i installed before doing this?

    If you already have a 3.05 backup of your bios then you can skip the first steps and flash directly from your modified 2.07. You still need to flash the EC though...

    Since you flash from the modified 2.07 you won't need to remove the wlan card since the whitelist is removed in the mod version of 2.07.

  4. Trying to flash my vbios for gtx 770m. Got nvflash and the .rom file inside the USB drive when i type dir then type nvflash -a it says that...

    This program can not be run in DOS mode.

    Make sure you're using the DOS version of nvflash and not the windows version. You'll also have to disable secure boot and enable the legacy boot stuff in order to flash from DOS if I' m not mistaken.

    ok im sorry i posted that too soon i used -5 -6 with the second card and it worked fine THANK YOU S7 you will be getting a donation from me!

    That's odd, -5 shouldn't be necessary. Can I see the original vbios of that second card?

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  5. 3) Tried to flash to 2.07 with the exe, didnt work. Error message was about a wrong BIOS detected. After fiddling around I had to boot off the USB and run ec.bat, then boot back into windows and run the 2.07 exe.

    Anyone else getting this error? If so please let me know, including detailed error message.

    I can flash only one vbios... i0 option wont flash my vbios, nothing happens. only with i1 option i can flash my vbios

    You can only flash the ultra bay gpu per nvflash, the other vbios is part of the bios.

  6. nvidia_20140727_024012.png


    this is how it is supposed to look when i flash modded vbios?

    No, you also need to flash the ultra bay gpu, that one is still stock on your screenshot. See second post for details.

    I just hooked up a usb dvd drive to it and put in a windows 7 dvd, it doesnt seem to be loading it because the light would blink as its reading the disc (and its not), the computer just turns on, keyboard stays lit, fan blows for a while and then the laptop shuts off and this cycle repeats

    I'm not sure whether usb dvd drives are working during boot.

    The recovery procedure doesn't work?

    However, svl, I noticed the output of Biosfixer 2.0 from 3.05 zip file was named v305Mod.bin and I checked your BIOS.bat file had this line: "fpt -f 305mod.bin -BIOS". I fixed the BIOS.bat to match with the file name so I had mine as "fpt -f v305mod.bin -BIOS". Just a little something in case something people will come across...

    Whoopsie, my bad, thanks for pointing out, I'll fix that.

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