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  1. +135MHz

    Most of the options are locked in the stock bios. I have an AW17 now myself, and the options in the stock firmware are rather disappointing. With my 4910QM I can at least go to Advance -> Performance Option -> Overclock feature -> enable and then I get some goodness, i.e. it allows to adjust the turbo multi to a certain degree, as well as the bus clock. I think that should be the same for the 4710MQ as well.

    For more performance related settings you'll need to unlock the bios.

  2. It sure is, at least imho. Especially their references on very recent topics. Since they don't produce the episodes in advance they can easily react and comment on things that are in the news at the time a new episode gets released.

    If you like Game of Thrones you really have to watch at least some episodes of the last season... it's a brilliant parody of GoT (among other things, e.g. the console war... simply hillarious :D)

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  3. I have a gtx780 SC ATX 6GB running at stock bios, I should be able to flash it with this bios right?

    Not sure whether that would work, would have to see the vbios first.

    Hey svl7

    Any chance for you to create a LV bios for GTX 780 like you did for the Titan?

    Also, I am having a hard time understanding Bios Version Numbers... Is your bios compatible with newer B1 revison? ( 80.80.21.xx.xx )

    LV? As in low voltage?

    Technically it is compatible in most cases... but it will give you an error when flashing. And if you have a certain vram type on your board it wont work.

    hey i have an msi gtx 780ti gaming oc my bios version is (p2038-0030) can you plz mod the bios for me so i can get 1.23v the card is Under water

    1.21V is the hard limit, anything above it's solder time.

    hello slv7,

    search B1 bios for Evga 780 with can you help?

    Normal or Classy?

  4. I finally successful make backup and format usb stick for DOS with rufus after more documentation in this theard.

    Now I have a big problem, when boot for usb stick and type BIOS for flash bios I recived Error 280: Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS Space!

    Why have his error?

    You can't flash from 3.05, you need to downgrade to 2.07 first, then you can go ahead and flash from 3.05. Read and follow the instructions carefully. Failure to do so may result in severe issues.

  5. Hmm, interesting, I thought it should work fine. I mean 120Hz is not possible with the Intel HD, and Optimus isn't possible with 120Hz, but that doesn't mean the Intel HD doesn't work on 60Hz on eDP. I just tried it and about the time Windows should show the desktop I get a black screen. Another thing I'll have to investigate I guess. I was under the impression that it should work.

  6. It's a capacitor, actually. Hence the "C", the resistors are "R". Just solder in a new one, it's not absolutely necessary, but it helps to stabilize current.

    It is, of course, not a very good sign ... check if any other are missing; they don't vaporize into thin air without reason.

    I agree, except for it not being absolutely necessary. As part of the spi circuit it might as well be crucial for the card to work properly.

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  7. Btw, the error happened right after I hit "enter" after typing "bios" so no harm did to the BIOS

    Make sure you have secure boot disabled and legacy boot active.

    So my questions is, The procedure to go from 2.07modded to 3.05modded should be :

    (1) Download the files for the v3.05 mod, put the files of folder [1] to the root of your prepared USB DOS stick.

    (2) Let the BiosFixer prepare your BIOS for flashing by drag and dropping your 3.05 backup file on it. Put the created "v305mod.bin" file to the root of your USB DOS drive as well.

    (3) Boot from your USB DOS drive, when you see the command prompt type BIOS and hit enter. Wait until the BIOS (3.05 modded) is flashed (you can safely ignore warnings about non-existing regions).

    (4) Once the BIOS flash completed with no errors, type EC and hit enter. Wait until the EC is flashed. Then reboot.

    (5) Go to the BIOS setup menu, load the default settings, apply and reboot.

    That will do.

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