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  1. This is strange when playing dirt3 (although this game is a bit old) with same core and mem speeds.. The stock vbios (clevo)..fraps reaches 100 fps and up. With vmodded bios fraps reaches 40-50 fps only..

    "It doesn't work" is no information I could work with, at all. At least let me see some graphs of nvidia inspector, including power levels. You need to provide information that is actually meaningful. I can't test all systems, it seems to work perfectly fine in the M15x and the P570WM, single and dual card.

  2. you are the best! by the way.. are you sure it is 3dmark 11? because i already got the 1.3k graphic score from 3d mark 11 test... not even flashing bios yet.

    may be you mean the Fire Strike?

    That was just a guideline for people to see whether the card is performing as it should. The vbios is not overclocked by default since every system and card can behave differently.

    I've seen people posting benchmarks with a 980m having 10k GPU score in 3dM11 and wondering whether everything's okay - well, in that case it's not. That's why I put those numbers there, for people who aren't that familiar with how it should perform and don't know what they can expect.

    With overclocking you can get 16k+ GPU score in 3dM11 with the 980m and 14k+ with the 970m.

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  3. I am also having the same issue with my GT60-16F3. I am using a clevo 970m , and is detected by windows (needs modified inf drivers though) but how come it cannot be detected under nvflash with the latest version?


    Cause 5.127 is nowhere close to being the latest version of nvflash.

  4. Loss of performance is a relative thing, you're talking about a very specific task, or rather benchmark. Keep in mind that for other CPU benchmarks Win7 performs worse than XP, while for others Win7 is faster. Generally Win 8 and 8.1 is a superior OS to Win7 in many ways.

    As for the legacy issue - I'm looking into this. Currently having trouble with my AW17 though and I have no clue what the cause is, really frustrating.

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