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  1. Bump to stay relevant. I've recently taken to Steam in Home streaming using my server which is running 2xHD7950 over a gigabit line to my rMBP 15". I'm looking to update to a R9 295x2 in the near future but I will most probably be getting back into eGPUs in 2016 with TB3 (or possibly TB4).
  2. If the mining rigs are GPUs then I don't see why not. If you are talking about ASICS then no, they're only built for a single purpose which is bruteforcing SHA256.
  3. I just run the fans on full bore (6k rpm) which keeps the temps below 60C. I have a decent set of closed headphones so the only people affected by the fan are my neighbours.
  4. I've used it with a 560ti, HD5850 and a HD7950. Yes it will work in your situation, Nando4 will be able to confirm this.
  5. Hey guys, I've got an OWC Helios sitting here collecting dust that I want to get rid of. I'm considering offers above 200USD so PM me if interested. PM me and I'll give you a quote. Details: Package includes: 1x OWC Helios, 2x Custom PCIe extenders with my PCI Reset Delay switch, Setup 1.x , 1x Thunderbolt 2m cable (optional) I purchased the Helios for 350USD from B&H back on 01/18/2013 so it is still under warranty. I've only used it for about 2 weeks and it has been sitting in a corner collecting dust ever since. This is basically a perfect setup for any SB/IVB Macbook owners who want to run bootcamp as I'm including everything you need for the setup, you just need to connect a few wires to an external PSU and you're set. I didn't want to include any pictures in this post as they'll take up space but I'll be glad to provide pics via PM. *Edit - Forgot to mention that I originally ran this with a 2012 rMBP 15" on Win7.
  6. Nice job! You've done pretty much what I did for my project all those months back. I was supposed to write a guide for Nando4 about this but I fell ill shortly after starting it. Since the Echo Express SE is the same thing as the Helios I would request that @Tech Inferno Fan makes this the official guide for both systems as you finished your guide way before me. One thing I would like you to add to your post if this becomes the general guide. To get an AMD card to run don't bother with the text files, just follow these steps the first time you enter Setup 1.30 (tested with HD 7950 and HD 5850): The steps here remain the same for the 15" (which I have) as well. The only thing that changes is the setup for an Nvidia eGPU (tested with 2 different GTX 560ti's) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
  7. Hey guys, Quick update: Never mind that, look at Strandmatte's guide here for both the Helios and the Echo Express SE. For AMD cards just look at the first comment.In the mean time please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM if you have any specific questions you would like to ask me regarding your/my setup. I'll definitely get back to you within 24 hours.
  8. I'm in the process of writing up a general post for Nando4 so you'll see them by next weekend. I cut the 3.3 wires to make sure the GPU was completely power reliant on my PSU and it's power switch. I also had plans to power the Helios using the PSU.
  9. No problem man. The only reason I built an eGPU was because I needed to do something for a school project. I would recommend a computer over an eGPU any day.
  10. Yo I'm back, I've been running the Helios with my 15" rMBP for about 3 months now. My setup is as follows: - 15" rMBP - HD 7950 - OWC Helios - PCIe riser cable - TX650 PSU - Pendrive with Setup 1.20 Beta 3 (thanks to @Tech Inferno Fan for this) I'm running Win 7 x64. My 3DMark11 results: If you compare results with other HD 7950's you'll see that I'm getting about 73% of expected performance. Not bad right? Anyway this is a rundown on how I've set everything up. See if my way works for you! 1. Install Win 7 x64 (I prefer it to Win 8) and install the drivers for the 650m. Shutdown. 2. Cut up and connect your riser card to the PSU in this config: 3. Connect the GPU to the riser card and the riser card to the Helios. 4. Connect the Helios to the rMBP and put it on but keep the PSU powered down. 5. Plug in your pendrive with Setup 1.20 and boot into Setup 1.20. Put the PSU on when Setup 1.20 tells you it hasn't detected any eGPU and press refresh. 6. Select a couple options (I forget which, but I'll tell you if you decide to go through with this). 7. Chainload to Win 7. 8. Install drivers for HD 7950. 9. Reboot. 10. Enjoy! Pro's: 1. Works with both AMD and Nvidia; I've tested a 560ti, HD7950 and an HD 5850. 2. Sound and everything just works in Win 7. 3. I'll help you every step of the way. Con's: 1. You'll have to boot using Setup 1.20 each time you want to use your eGPU (can be automated). 2. You need a riser cable.
  11. Where did you find out about that? If its the Thunderbolt Echo Express with Win 7 then follow these instructions: First you have to isolate the GPU from the power rails on the Echo Express. Buy a PCIe riser and cut these wires: Connect the wires to your PSU as shown (sorry I just threw that together in paint), you'll have to setup your PSU so you can put it on without a computer. Now keep the Echo connected from when you boot and select win7. Press F8 before the boot splash screen to go to the boot options menu in Win7 and switch on the GPU by putting the PSU on. After about 3 seconds boot into Windows. Your GPU should now be detected.
  12. Shoot. I guess I'll try reinstalling Win7 first. If that doesn't work I guess I'll switch to Win8...
  13. I'd like to know which drivers are running stable for people who are running a Nvidia dGPU and eGPU at the same time. I'm having a little trouble with 314.22, Win7 x64 and my 650m + 560ti.
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