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  1. Got windows 10 fixed and had egpu working in some sort of test mode. I only switched out of that when my games could not (or would not) launch do to Driver signature check verification being disabled. Im not really sure how i enabled test mode but it displayed a version : Build 10240 in the bottom right. And coyote im going to give the DSDT override another shot. Will be posting my results, seeya.
  2. Okay thank you sooo much i will give this a try and get back to you. I had it going for 7 so easy i didnt think updating to 10 would be an issue. EDIT: Okay i am lost with this video and the links are either broken or to files that are non existent. Did you need to download what he did in the video?
  3. Please explain how you got it to work. I am stumped. I have tried everything i could think of... :C
  4. Hi i have been running an egpu setup for months now and have only recently began having trouble with the update to windows 10. Before the upgrade i was running a copy of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit this worked fine as i did a dsdt override and was able to get my egpu running with a boot through setup 1.3. However with windows 10 im still sure i need the DSDT override so i have tried it countless times and cannot get it to generate the Large memory section. I have also tried multiple configurations with setup 1.3 to boot up with my egpu and cannot get it working. Any help is appreciated. Errors i am getting range from the computer picking up the device as a default video adapter to Code 12 when it reads it right. My setup: HP Elitebook 8440P (upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64 from 7 Pro 64) 8 GB Ram Core i5 540M (with integrated Intel HD graphics) 250 Gb HDD Egpu: The Beast EXP GDC 16x PCIe adapter (connects via expresscard) GPU im using in it is the Zotac GT740 2gb.
  5. Hi i have tried with Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit and am currently getting tons of issues i did not have with Windows 7. The first being when trying the DSDT override. In windows 7 i did this without much trouble and used Setup 1.3 to start but when trying the same setup i cannot get the DSDT override to complete giving me the Large Memory section. If anyone else has got their setup working in Windows 10 i would love to hear how to.
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