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  1. Hello TI Fan, Thank you for replying. But I thought, would it not be a good idea to discuss and post it here? So anyone else with the same issue can SEE a solution? As I probably wouldn't need to ask now, as there has been a similar question like this in the past (forums generally work well like that!)
  2. Hello, I posted here yesterday asking for help, now my post has been deleted. Why has this happened? I do not think I did anything wrong? All I wanted was a little help getting past the following issue: OK, so I am using: DIY eGPU setup 1.3 ASUS eeetop 2400 series all in one desktop running Windows 8.1 Pro ASUS NVIDIA GTX580 PE4C via mpci-e (connected to my spare mcpi-e port (in which a tv card used to be) A 600 Watt PSU by ace A hdmi leading from the gtx580 to an external monitor My issue is: When I try to start windows without DIY setup I get a black screen with the egpu plugged in, it shows on the monitor for a few seconds until past the windows logo, then my pc screen and the external monitor turn black, no matter what combination of delays I use on the PE4C, or what stage of boot I plug in the PE4C, even from sleep or from pausing bootup with F8. When I try to start DIY eGPU setup, it stays on the external monitor, but, I cannot get into the Menu option, it gives me the following error: “[ichip]Uknown intel chipset found. Update R:\core\intel.txt includingversion with your chipset info, run `ichip clear` to clear variablesthen run `ichip` to confirm your chipset is found. iportfunctionality is disabled for now.” So I cannot seem to get into the menu based option to make a difference because of that error. Also FYI: [DOS prompt] C:\setpci -s 0:1f.0 2.w Returned > 1C5C ANY help would be appreciated, thank you.
  3. I have an ASUS eee-top, I'm using PE4C V2.1 in my WLAN mini pci-e port, with diy egpu setup 1.3, and a GTX480/580 (tried both). When I plug the egpu into the mpci-e port, I get a black screen, no matter what stage of booting I plug it in (from start, sleep, hibernate, during startup with windows, in the egpu setup 1.3 main menu etc. But I cannot get into the egpu setup diy 1.3 to make any changes because when I select the menu option, I get a loading screen, where my intel iGPU is recognised, but it then moves on to say, "[ichip] Uknown Intel Chipset Found. Update R:\Core\Intel.txt including version with your chipset info, run `ichip clear` to clear variables then run `ichip` to confirm your chipset is found." How did you get it to recognise your chipset? I'm running Windows 8.1 pro, it is MBR as device manager > disc drives > [my drive] > Volumes > partition - says "Master Boot record [MBR]. Please help, I'm losing hair! xD [EDIT] I also cannot enter the DIY eGPU setup 1.3 menu without any eGPU devices or the PE4C attached. I still get unknown chipset found... etc. I forgot also to say, my chipset is a dual core i3 2120, the list on intel.txt (I think) does have it listed as "0x1c5C H61 2 8 62" [2nd EDIT] I have managed with the correct delay settings to get windows to boot up connected to a monitor and the egpu setup, without running diy egpu setup, and I do get video feed through the pe4c and egpu to the monitor, but as soon as windows loads, it turns black again. If I hotplug the egpu I get a blue, black or green screen, depending on delays I think.
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