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  1. Thank you very much. I have basically the same setup as you and your guide helped me to get started. Especially the DIY setup 1.20 guide was helpful.
  2. Many of you are using Intel XTU to undervolt their notebooks. However on my Mac with an i7-3720qm there is no option to change the voltage in XTU. Am I doing something wrong or is that not possible on all CPUs? Thanks!
  3. EDIT: My post below got moved. here. Thanks anonymous admin! So it seems like it is mostly a technical / financial issue? I also run some smaller servers, but I am afraid that they would probably not be able to deal with the load... What about using Wikia or something similar?
  4. Thanks!!! Currently I am doing a slideshow of Witcher 3. Although I was surprised it is almost playable, I can't wait until my eGPU parts arrive!!! May I ask some more details? - Does that mean I will need to remove / cut the cable during installation of Thunderbolt drivers in Windows? - Is there a specific reason most people use Win8.1? I use Win7 64bit. Will that work? - Also some people use EFI-boot. Why? I hope I am not totally in the wrong thread here...
  5. Hey guys! You got me so enthusiastic that I just ordered the whole set! Great job Basically I followed all of your suggestions: 1. Akitio Thunder2 2. Inno3D GTX 970 (short version) 3. Dell DA-2 power supply 4. Funky power cable from ebay Now reading some more I am a little confused and was hoping you might have some answers for me (and possibly updated your guide). - What does a riser do? Make sure that the Aikitio can deliver more than 25W? - Will I still need a riser if I use the ebay cable? - Should I use an original Apple Thunderbolt cable? - Does the DA-2 need the hair pin trick? - Is there anything else I will need to get started? Thanks!
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