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  1. @tranj10 Thanks for your guide, but unfortunately it doesn't work on my MacBook. I guess I will go with an external monitor.
  2. I tried to do so, but after that neither my keyboard nor my touch pad works. I plugged in my USB mouse after that and found out that I could move my mouse but I can't click. And yes, I used to have the windows option but it's gone after I did the Optimus installation.
  3. @Dschijn Yes, that was me. Here's what I did: 1. install win8.1 with bootcamp 2.install bootcamp in win8.1 and restart 3. install all the updates for win8.1 and restart 4. boot into system with eGPU connected, and install the Newest driver and restart 5. Fail to start win8.1 with eGPU 6. Enter into OS X 10.10.3 and install Optimus 7. Still fail to start win8.1 with eGPU Oh...and BTW I succeed once, when I turned on the PSU and chose the EFI boot at the same time, but ever since that it takes me forever to load when the windows icon shows up.
  4. @Dschijn Hi, I really need some help here. I did everything says on the guide, but I still encountered some problems. 1. I only have two choices: EFI Boot, Macintosh HD when I hold Option Key. 2. When I use EFI Boot to start the system, it will take forever to load when the Windows Icon shows up. My setup: MBPr 13'' 2015 Iris Pro 6100 only Gigabyte Gtx 980Ti Akitio Thunderbolt2 Sorry for my poor English!
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