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  1. I put the latest iGPU driver on the laptop yesterday. Same result. Not interested in 8.1... maybe windows 10. But if I am lucky, I may sell today this e6430.
  2. I am using original battery but a more powerful dock PSU (130W). eGPU is connected to 500W external PSU. Windows WEI score was 7.2 . Slowest being the memory. Rest were 7.9 if i remember correctly. Hmm I don't know if you should wait or not. It seems that some other people get their E6430 working nicely with eGPU. I read the performance thread of E6430 and decided to buy this laptop and swap out my X230, but it seems not to work for me...
  3. Like I said, don't watch the clocks in the Futuremark result page- they are messed up! Dunno why it uploads wrong clocks? Both tests were made with default GPU clock, the webpage shows them incorrectly!
  4. Selecting eGPU to do PhysX will only matter if You want to play PhysX games. I tried CPU at factory clock already... same...
  5. Here is fresh run with X230 (very old Windows7 install and on a HDD). Comapring it todays E6430 run. http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/7767217/fs/7762670 E6430 has SSD with no more than 7 days old Windows install... so it is fresh! X230 beats it out of the water. And E6430 is running on CPU OC! eGPU was on default clocks on both runs (X230 and E6430). Don't look at the GPU clocks- they show weird numbers. When opening "View run details" after the run, then there are correct clocks (default). Should I try the E6430 with 8GB of ram instead of 16GB?
  6. Ok, I can ran the 3DMark06 on both machines. I am using external LCD on both occasions (X230 and E6430). EDIT: http://www.3dmark.com/compare/3dm06/17867406/3dm06/17867396 Also 3DMark13 FireStrike score. (eGPU is not OC'd, altough it shows like that for some reason in the lower score which is E6430! ). http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/7762670/fs/6343962
  7. Pci-e speed is 2.0, that is confirmed. Both scores are with max GPU OC. http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/6345009/fs/7139888 As You can see that the FPS is much slower with quadcore CPU in E6430, altough the CPU score is much higher. It seems that Optimus compression doesn't kick in with E6430. Here is the score with X230 vs E6430. With X230 GTX670 is at default clock speeds while with the E6430, it is heavily OC'd and X230 easily beats the E6430 score.... :S http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/6343962/fs/7661183
  8. I am sure. I have disabled the dGPU (Nvidia NVS5200M) and booted into a Windows with eGPU disconnected. HD4000 confirmed working, then plugged in eGPU (GTX670). Get's detected nicely. Have not done the 3DMark06 test. Don't see the point. My GTX670 scores are lower in FireStrike 13 test than with Lenovo X230.
  9. Hmm... I have the latest HD4000 update from Dell website, but they have very old version of HD4000 drivers. But as soon as I try to install official Intel drivers for HD4000 from Intel webpage, they dont install as my system says it is uncompatible with my version of HD4000 ... Any thoughts how to go around it?
  10. Have same thing with Dell E6430. 3Dmark13 FireStrike benchmark was about 1000 points lower with this quadcore i7-3740QM cpu in Dell, than it was with my Lenovo X230 with just i5-3320M. Same eGPU (PE4L 2.1b+ GTX670 OC). Ok... bench is lower, no big deal, lets try games. Tried loading up RYSE- Son of Rome. The FPS was so slow and so much frame drops with Dell e6430- unplayable. Didn't matter that i set ingame graphics to low. 5 minutes later my eGPU setup was connected to Lenovo X230- flawless gameplay. So smooth. Could even play with High graphics option! So definetly something wrong with Dell +eGPU... And I bought that Dell for 450 euros (near maxed out specs tough:16GB ram, 256GB SSD,i7-3740QM)! To be better eGPU platform than X230... as I read the E6430 performance thread before buying the Dell.
  11. I still have the problem with Optimus compression not working. Made clean Windows 7 reinstall. Through EFi command line i have enabled iGPU and made it default when booting up. I also have tried connecting eGPU when i have already logined into a Windows. It detects the GTX670 correctly then, but still the benchmark results are much lower then with X230. But what is really weird. Lower benchmarks shouldn't mean that You can't play a game still... tested that theory. Downloaded and played Ryse- Son of Rome game- it lagged so badly, Lowered the game visuals to low... still nothing. Played same game with my eGPU connected my working X230... flawless gameplay- so smooth- even though it has dual core CPU.... I dont know what to do anymore, consider selling the e6430 now. No point keeping it when in real life eGPU doesnt work. Disabling the NVS5200 in Windows doesn't help. Connecting the eGPU when Windows has booted- no help! EFI changes with iGPU made primary and enabled- no help... I haven't tried lowering the EC speed to Gen1... if that is the case and it works... then still, X230 will be superior to e6430 as it is faster in real games thanks to higher pci-e speed.
  12. Ok, I will try shutdown, but it automatically ask for reboot when writing "exit" for exiting the commandline. I setup like this: "setup_var 0x25 0x29" and enter. Then it shows previous value and new applied value. Then I write "exit" . Then it asks to remove any bootable media and press a key for reboot. Press anykey and it reboots. No shutdown. Should I just press power button to shutdown while in EFI commandline?
  13. I tested this with just core1 right now. "setup_var 0x25 0x29" and then quit the EFI with command "exit". To see if the 1 core multiplier was changed I run the Cinebench R15 Single CPU bench, still max is 37 , not 41 as expected What am I doing wrong.... do i need to save those changed variables somehow with a command? Do I need to change other things before changing the multiplier?
  14. May I ask about calculating correct CPU multiplier value to give in EFI variable guide. Looking at this quide here: It says 1-Core Ratio Limit 0x25 0x00-0xFF (8-bit value from 0-255) [CPU] Assigned value is CPU Dependent. A good overclock rule is to gauge the stock's max multiplier with Throttlestop then increase that multiplier value by 4-bins. You can also refer to this post for more information on figuring out the Multiplier limit when doing setup_var 0x25 0x29 it notified that default offset was 0x00... it made me question... (if right now it is at default, that makes 37 for 1C multiplier) If I want to raise 1C multiplier then i must add 4 bins to default. Then would it be 0x04?? Or I use this calculator here: http://www.binaryconvert.com/result_unsigned_char.html?decimal=051055 Calculate the decimal value for multiplier (1C - 37multi) , which is 0x25=37 And add those 4 bins, so it would be 0x29 (0x25+4) = 41 ?
  15. Hi is it possible to have a modded version of my Bios where Flash Descriptor is open and BCLK enabled, but all the ports are default? As right now I don't have the PE4C 2.1 adapter to utilise those ports. This link for my original bios still works, if needed. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46330482/ORIGINAL.BIN Don't know how to thank you... :/ Does anybody have or know link for a FireStrike (2013) score to compare the exact same system (E6430 with same CPU and memory) with 4Gbps link and 8Gbps link with same GPU?
  16. Will I get the 8Gbps speed with the EC version of PE4C v2.1? If I can get the 8Gbps through EC port alon it would be good, because I really do not want to mess with underside of the laptop (make a cut out).
  17. Which of these adapters I should buy to get that 8Gbps speed over my PE4L 2.1b EC adapter I have right now? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=PE4C+V1.2&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XBplus+PE4C+V1.2.TRS0&_nkw=Bplus+PE4C+V1.2&_sacat=0
  18. Can I check the port numbers without the Tech Inferno Fan's DIY eGPU Setup 1.3 program or I need to buy it? Right now my Windows notified that WLAN card is not physically installed- when I first booted up after bios update. I guess it is related to the port type/speed change? I then moved my WLAN card to WWAN port and used WWAN antennas and now it works. Altough my wifi is now constantly switched ON. The wifi switch on the laptop side doesn't turn my WIFI OFF/ON anymore. It only affects Bluetooth ON/OFF status. Any method to make it work again with WIFI?
  19. Did it without the extra flags (-me and -desc) and it completed successfully. So far I can confirm that flash descriptor is unlocked (shut down the laptop and booted up, no paperclip needed when extracting bios). Had to go to work. Will test other modded things when I get off from work. From timohour earlier post: Will they work or not? Confused.
  20. Ok, and If I want (or to be on safe side) then: "fpt.exe -me -fw -f vii_modded.bin"?
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