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  1. So guys... I think that I have a problem. On the picture you can see that my CPU is on the max. 100 °C (212 °F) at 45-65% operating grade!!!! Do I have dust in the case of the MacBook? because I dont think this is a common temperature for this operating grade. Does this bottleneck the GTX 970? because the GPU runs in average about 75-102% picture (while playing GTA on high Settings)
  2. Hi guys, can the Dell DA-2 power supply handle the GTX 1080 (+Akitio) which consumes 180watt at 2114 MHz? or do we/I need a new power supply. Thank You! UPDATE: the GTX 1080 is powered by a single 8 Pin connector ... so I guess the only thing we/I need is a 2x6pin to single 8 pin adapter.
  3. @w4vz I am on 10.11.1 an my web drivers are working
  4. @Dschijn Yes the external is set as primary display. I did an Unigine Heaven Benchmark. Screenshot: Then I tried to start LoL again and today i get some graphic bugs but i can't screenshot them because on the Screenshot everything looks ok
  5. @Dschjin 1. Yes before I start the MacBook, I connect the eGPU to the Macbook (TB) and the external Monitor directly to the HDMI of the eGPU
  6. @Dschjin 1. I have the feeling this does not work for me... It feels like the games still get rendered by the M370X.. 2. I will do this and post it tomorrow(21.10.).. RocketLeague etc. does not have the micro lags when i play on the dGPU. Even when I adjust all graphic settings to low my eGPU has this annoying micro lags... 3. I didnt overclock the GPU it just turns off after 1-2 Minutes of gaming (default clock speed)
  7. 3 Questions guys 1. Can I game with my eGPU under OS X 2. (Windows 8.1 or 10) When I game with my eGPU games like Rocket League or CS:GO; I am getting micro laggs for 1 Second without FPS drops or high pings. Is this a common problem?(M370X + GTX 970) 3. Sometimes the eGPU randomly turns off the Macbook during gaming....(now I decreased the %power of the eGPU with MSI Afterburner) and the problem is gone but is that normal?
  8. So guys Gatsby told me that the eGPU works for the rMBP mid 2015 with M370X for Windows 10 without any Software guides, too. U just have to plug in the Akitio before u start into Windows then disabling the M370X and then u can install the drivers for the for example GTX 970 (GJ Windows 10). After a restart the eGPU works fine and with less crashes than on Windows 8.1!!! So the second case was the eGPU working on OS X (just for 10.10.3 or above) for the mentioned Macbook. Here u just install the newest NVIDIA Web Drivers or u use the tool from the Bison-Box which u can download here. http://bizon-pc.com/a/bizonbox_mac.zip then start the start.command file. So I guess there are not any issues with the mid 2015 rMBP anymore enjoy.
  9. Is there a way to enable the Intel Iris pro under Windows 10 cause the apple_set_os.fi doesn't work for windows 10
  10. I have one stupid question why do iam not able to deactivate the m370x in the device manager manually and then install the drivers for the intel graphics?
  11. So I have 2 hurdles to overbear... to deactivate the dGPU m370x because i am not a software expert and to solder the cable because i am not so skilled xD Which cables and shrinking tube do i have to order?
  12. That would be great but I don't want to struggle somebody:grumpy: I have a soldering iron at my own but I don't usually work with stuff like this. So could I do it at my own or is it a very fine cable so I am not able to do it?
  13. ok Thank u for ur information my last problem is the 8 PIN to 2 x PCI-E 6 PIN & 1 x BARREL cable i can't find it an an europe website Parts (for Germany): Power Supply GTX 970 8 PIN to 2 x PCI-E 6 PIN & 1 x BARREL (cant find) Aktito Case Screwdrivers(I think i have enough at home to bend the case)
  14. RE: http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-apple/10489-2015-15-mbp-radeon-r9-m370x-gtx970%4016gbps-tb2-akitio-thunder2-win8-1-%5Bgatsby%5D.html#post139203 Can I use n overclocked version like this http://www.amazon.de/GIGABYTE-nVIDIA-GTX970-DDR5-Overclock/dp/B00NZT6D68/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1436609736&sr=8-3&keywords=970 or doesn't it fit in the box?
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