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  1. WOW was my longest running encounter with an MMO, loved the PVP but wish Blizzard cared more about the PVP content. It was getting crazy unbalnced, rock<Ret Pally>scissors. My friends recently started playing ESO (if you can count that as an MMO), I might end up trying it. I'm in a bit of a gaming slump right now, hard to keep the commitment while being a college student and trying to keep a job.
  2. Last movie I saw in theaters was Furious 7. All I can say was SSDD, it has everything that a Fast and Furious movie needs: incredibly cool, yet unrealistic driving scenes, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel love fest, etc. Really didn't care for Iggy Azela's cameo, but that is purely because her music is terrible. Other than that, I recently watch The Imitation Game, very good movie. Entertaining and informing
  3. As the title states, does anyone know of a good service (free or reasonably priced) that provides access to music downloads? Currently I am using Spotify, but would like to actually download the music as .mp3. Before that I was using the Firefox add-on "Youtube to Mp3" in which the youtube video was downloaded and the audio extracted. At first it was a decent method, a bit more taxing that I would like, but it eventually got to the point where most popular songs were unavailable.
  4. I'm currently running an Intel I7 4700 2.4GHz in my Lenovo Y410P. I would like to get a bit more speed out this chip, but I am unsure that it would be wise to overclock a processor on a laptop due to heat concerns. I have never overclocked a processor, but am not opposed to trying it. Of course by trying it I mean extensively reading every related topic to make sure I don't royally screw something beyond repair. More consicely stated, would you (assuming you have experience with overclocking) recommend overclocking in my particular situation? The most intense program I utilize is Solidworks, which will consistently peg out my CPU when rebuilding assemblies.
  5. Just read about your setup and that sounds like the bee's knees. I am currently using free download monitor (to schedule downloads when I have unlimitied data usage) along with superchillin.com. It is a paid service that has access to thousands of movies and tv shows. As far as my opinion on TV Shows, my girlfriend and I are currently watching Homeland (Season 4 Ep 5) and it is incredible. Plan on watching Game of Thrones next, from what I hear it is a great show.
  6. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities My current favorite, but we'll see how long that'll last
  7. Hello World! I am Chandler, a MEEG student at Arkansas. I don't know much about computing, but I am hoping to learn. I have a Lenovo Y410P which I am currently in the process of upgrading and will be posting about my experience.
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