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  1. Will PE4C V2.1 allow my i7 640m to use the x2 option?
  2. Hey man, I can't get any help on my posts (no one replies) so I came to ask you here..Is there any adapter that allows me to use two expresscard ports for a higher bandwidth? Or is there an adapter that allows me to use a mini pci e port and a expresscard port to achieve higher bandwidth? Thanks. On topic: Will setup 1.30 allow pci e compression on my hp elitebook 8740w?
  3. Whats your average fps in gta v? or your average fps in any game and on what settings and res..I really want to know since I think 2GBPS will bottleneck..
  4. I was told that my laptop can only support up to 2GBPS..is there any way at all that I can use a higher bandwidth?
  5. Is there such an adapter? Could I make one? Lets say I were to use my mini pci e slot and expresscard slot, then use a pci e x2 to x16 adapter on my Elitebook 8740w, would I get to use 4gbps? I want to know cause I heard I can only get maximum 2GBPS bandwidth on my laptop, because it has an i7 640m and an iGPU thats not connected to the LCD. I really want to use 4GBPS since thats the sweetspot and I've been saving up for 5 months now..Thanks for the read
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