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  1. I tried all combinations, i have the same problem :/. I will try to refund and buy a PE4C, thank you
  2. hello, i have an Asus K73SV -i7 2670QM 2.2Ghz -8GB of RAM -Intel HD Graphics3000 + Nvidia GeForceGT540M -Windows 8.1 Prox64 eGPU: Exp gdc Beast v6 750W power supply GTX 980 MSI Gaming For the connections look at the picture : So i want to use my GTX 980 but there are many problems -I tried with de mpcie plugged in before boot but i had a blue screen, windows can't boot. Edit : (ACPI BIOS ERROR) -I tried with de mpcie plugged in after boot, while windows is running but the laptop freezed -I tried to put the laptop in standby, plugged in and switch on, no problems, the eGPU fans accelerate but stop after some seconds and the eGPU isn't detected. I don't know what to do if someone can help me please ? Thank you guys i'm waitting for you (PS : sorry for my english, i'm french )
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