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  1. would The power management issue still be a problem if the express card powers on properly when computer powers on? The mpcie connection underneath my laptop where the wifi card was works as normal, it only happens in my mini desktop as well as my other laptop where the mpcie is on the motherboard and underneath the keyboard respectively
  2. I'll give it a go. Have you any idea of the power problem?
  3. I already have have modded bios for t510. I just wonder why when it comes to mpcie connections under neath the keyboards in some laptops, the egpu automatically powers on and stays on without me actually turning on the computer unless I unplug it. Same thing happens with my mini desktop computer it also has a mpcie connection on board. Again, I do not have this problem on my other laptop which has the mpcie connection underneath the laptop where you install ram at. If it helps I also have egpu setup but never needed to use it
  4. I've been trying to get help but to no avail . I also have a modified bios which bypasses the whitelist problems on both laptops . With that laptop egpu runs ok, but just as good as express card. It seems there are problems with the mpcie connections under keyboards and stuff. I seem to not have any problems with the connectors near the ram underneath the laptop but the laptop I'm tryna get working only has expresscard and mpcie underneath keyboard
  5. i tried to use to both connections yesterday. The mpcie is actually underneath the keyboard which is a little annoying. For whatever reason, the atx power supply and graphics card power up and stay on regardless of whether there laptop is on, or off. And when I boot with both connected ( mpcie and EC), nothing happens but a black screen. Not sure if this is the place but have you any clue? The same thing happens with just the mpcie connected. The egpu setup Powers regardless as to whether the computer the computer is on or off. I also have a tiny computer which has a mpcie connection as well in the same exact thing happens as long as there's power going to the computer
  6. I tried to search but I couldn't find anything on my brand of laptop. I also looked at the first page but it's a little overwhelming and I'm not sure if I overlooked it or not. is it just a simple as connecting the mpcie adapter to the laptop as well as the expresscard? And into pe4cs x1+x2 ports respectively?
  7. It's a FirePower ModXStream Pro 700MXSP 700W ATX Power Supply . I'm not sure if the cpu is overheAting but if it was i'd like to think the entire computer would just lock up and not just the game. I'll check though
  8. My setup is, lenovo t510, core i7 620m, 8 GB ddr3, windows 8.1, pe4c, XFX series 7900 graphics, 700W psu. mid game, on any game, after a little while the game will lock up, freeze , causing me to control alt delete task manager and terminate the game. Does anyone know why this is happening? In GPU Z , temp is around 70 C so i can't be overheating . Please of anyone has any advice please let me know
  9. Hello. I'm using a Lenovo laptop. I've been successful in implementing my egpu setup using the express card and pe4c. Now my question is this : are there any optimizations and increasing the band with? Could I use the x2 port and route that to the mpcie for extra bandwidth?
  10. So no one have any idea of what's going on? I was told to come here if I needed help with this issue and it's been a while since I last posted this thread. I would really appreciate it if someone could take the time out to help if knowledgable. I'm thinking about buying an EXP GDC to see if that would work better but I'm not sure if it would
  11. Hello. I have a Lenovo T510 laptop with four gigs of RAM , running a PE4C EGPU to a evga geforce 760 and the frame rates seem to be super slow. The CPU usage is also very high as well and gameplay keeps stuttering. Is this normal or is there a way to fix this? I am also running Windows 8.1 64 bit. I also read that a user changed the express card speed to gen1 but I do not have any of those options in my bios, which is updated. Also tried on lenovo t410, on windows 7 and 8 , same result, reinstall of os and drivers did nothing. If anyone is knowledgeable please help. Thank you Requested help with this implementation at http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/2109-diy-egpu-experiences-%5Bversion-2-0%5D-493.html#post135319
  12. Is there any recourse at all or am I pretty much f*cked?
  13. - - - Updated - - - yes I have. have also tried this on a Lenovo t410 as well with the same result<!-- google_ad_section_end --> - - - Updated - - - are there any known issues with windows 8.1? Also tried with windows 7. Same result.
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