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  1. Unfortunately, I don't think so, you just bricked your laptop.. Sorry I can not help you any further.
  2. einq

    CS:GO FPS problems

    Maybe you have a bottleneck in your system, that reduces the general performance of the laptop, when it runs too hot. Make sure you (or someone else if you don't trust yourself) open it up and clean the dust before you search for the bottleneck! I hope these tips could help you. Good luck
  3. I don't know if AMD has this feature but, if you right-click the Launcher, on NVIDIA GPUs you have the option with which GPU you want to execute the exe. Maybe something similar is on AMD GPUst too. Hope this helps
  4. thanks for the post, I appreciate it. now I can see if the FPS drops, without using Fraps
  5. looks very interesting, I'm looking forward to it!
  6. einq

    Dying Light?

    yes I played it with my GTX 670 SLI system and it runs very smooth on high settings! I like the game, the parkour elements are been quiet good implemented would absolutely recommend the game
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