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  1. I have a P150EM with 7970m. Is this something I should try or is it not made for my laptop?
  2. Hey guys! So I have my Clevo P150EM for a few years now with the following specs: i7 3720QM, AMD 7970M, 8GB ram, 128GB ssd and another 750gb disk. I'm currently running windows 8.1. So I've been having this problem with my computer, I was never really satisfied with the FPS on CS:GO, but now the problem has become too big for me to ignore. When I join a server my fps vary from 100-140, but after some time, maybe 20 minutes, it drastically drops and doesn't go higher 60, even dropping as low as 30 in certain areas. I run everything on low, and all "fps eater" options are disabled. All set to performance on Catalyst, on my computer's power settings and I even optimized the game further following a guide which used RadeonPro. I'm going to try to find time to get my laptop to a repair shop tomorrow, so they can open it to clean it up and replace the thermal paste. I also need to buy a new cooler, as CPU and GPU temperatures are at 95ºC during gameplay. If anyone has more suggestions, tips, or advice on what I should do in this situation, I'll be greatly appreciative. I came upon this forum searching for stuff related to my computer, and it seems to have well-informed people and I post in the hopes that your advice will help me. Thanks in advance!
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