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  1. Okay.. strange problem just happened when messing about with setup 1.x and internal setup without external hooked up using 2570p and 680 gtx evga using bplus 2.1a. (Have been using for about a year without issues, also have a clean dsdt override that I did to make this setup work with my 750TI before getting the 680). If I right clicked on external before, the nvidia panel would show up but on the internal it would not - this didn't bother me as I always have used externals. But the other night I was bored and wanted to mess about without the monitor so I reran setup 1.x, wasn't really sure what to run if anything (but it wouldn't recognize the card until then). Got it working (still is) but the usb xbox 360 wired controller is no longer recognized by games. It's recognized in windows, no flags of any kind but in all of the games I've tried (fallout 4, shift 2, bastion, don't starve, others etc.) it defaults to keyboard/mouse. Just wondering if anyone has any advice before I reinstall everything (something I don't want to do). I tried various work arounds like starting windows without setup 1.x as before, rerunning setup 1.x with other options (including just plain reset), starting without the card, then plugging it in, but it still recognizes nvidia on both screens (unlike before) and regardless of which screen is main, the controller isn't being recognized. Seems like an odd bug to have, hoping for some advice. Thanks.
  2. Could someone please help me out with my power supply issue - I have the bplus 2.1a PE4L adapter and I have it working with 750 TI just fine. However, I don't understand how to get my GTX 680 to work. Here is what I currently have egpu - Album on Imgur That is how I normally run my 750 TI, but this time, if I put the 20+4 pin rail into the adapter, the card isn't recognized and the fan is spinning like it's at 100%. I've tried emulating something like this http://forum.techinferno.com/attachments/diy-e-gpu-projects/14970-58l5rfw.jpg but with little luck. Each time, the card sounds like it's about to go off the rails if I connect the 24 pin into it. And I'm afraid of shorting something. Any help? =/ edit: the PSU uses 22a on +12v and its max load is 400w It's brand new - I have another 350w I can also try but it's pretty crappy -always on- one. I did try waking it up from sleep, I've also tried using the delay switches - nothing helps. From sleep it simply restarts my pc, and if I have the express card in instead of hotplugging, the pc won't start. edit2: well just for kicks I dusted off my 2540p and tried it with that.. with delay switch set to 3, I was able to get it going. http://imgur.com/a/QMfFV So that's cool - so something must be off with my 2570p? Maybe it's the gen2 thing that bplus doesn't like? But my 750 TI is set to gen2 and no problems there. Hm. edit3: resolved? I set both of the delay switches on bplus to 3 (usually this fucked stuff up with my TI), and this time the PC booted up right. Everything is systems go, running Witcher 2 maxed out at stable 60 fps weeeee.
  3. Hey, the amp was around 16a (too lazy to get up to check) - I bought another 400w PSU with 22 amps and higher reviews and no change. I'm pretty sure the card was either a dud or I shorted something by connecting the cables. Like, I couldn't even start it (edit: this is after I had it initially 'running' with monitor flickering and all - again not sure how exactly I did it but it did 'work' so yeah maybe a dud - maybe usps threw it around too much cause the seller didn't write fragile on it) by hot plugging during startup, tried with switches at 2 and 3 and only then the fan would spin but eventually nothing. When you say 12v from PSU into GPU you mean into the adapter right, because the GPU itself only has 2 6-pin molex inputs. Either way I had tried all kinds of combinations and eventually it just gave out. I'm going to buy another 670, brand name this time, and if still nothing - maybe it's the adapter itself in which case I'll just have to suck it up and buy another adapter. I didn't realize there was a 2.1a and 2.1b versions until much later - the one I bought off amazon simply said 2.1. But yeah.. the a is like outdated or whatever and gives a lot of people problems so =/ p.s. yes tried gen1 and all that. Once i get another 670 (trying to find a ftw evga or msi pe oc one) I'll post the update here.
  4. Hiya, I was/am using bplus 2.1a PE4L. I have it working with 750TI (after a lot of work) but just couldn't get it going. I couldn't even hot plug start it, so the more I think about it, the more I think it was the power supply (350 watts but for all I know, it could be running at 50% of it since it's a crappy one). If it's not that - I ordered a new one that should arrive today or tomorrow but if it's not that, I guess I'll have to order another adapter and make sure it's 2.1b this time as I hear 2.1a can give issues. I'm also not sure if I'm connecting it properly - am I supposed to connect from the adapter to the 2 3-pin connectors on the top or is it already getting sufficient power through the 12v?
  5. Could someone who has successfully hooked up gtx 670 through the express slot using a 2.1 adapter shed some light unto what I may be doing wrong? All I have to do is plug it into the adapter, hook up my 12v rail from the ATX into the adapter, plug it into the EC slot right? If I run it like that w/o setup, I get code 43, if I use any combinations of setup 1.3 it hangs. I thought 670 was the way to go, and after finally acquiring one today.. I've dumped hours upon hours into trying to get it going and nothing >< Using 350W ATX P/S; had it going at first but screen was unstable, figured it was a driver issue, did a fresh reinstall of everything (video drivers, setup 1.3 etc.) and now the best I can do is get to windows loading screen > black. I thought it's supposed to be easier than 750 TI with a clean dsdt but nothing I do seems to work - really bumming me out =/
  6. Hey guys - hoping someone can help me before I redo everything. So I have a 750 TI eGPU running (clean dsdt on *2540p and 2570p), using nando's setup 1.3 - no issues - but I wanted to upgrade to 670 and took a shot at a cheapo generic 670 card (OEM specs, no brand on it). I thought that these cards were plug and play and didn't need an override, so I plugged it into my bplus 2.1a adapter.. and nothing. I have it running off a 12v rail through a 400w ATX. I wasn't sure whether or not to mess with the other power settings but I did it anyway, and eventually I got it going. I had it boot up windows, recognize the monitor, then the monitor would flicker if I extended to it. I'm not sure how I did this as I couldn't replicate it before work. Basically - I'm sort of confused about what to plug where - I thought the 12v would be enough, should I hook up the Y splitter from the adapter to the top of the card too or how does that work? And should I redo the entire dsdt override/try to run this without setup 1.3? I tried doing it without the external monitor and setup would recognize the card using the 12v rail sometimes and sometimes it wouldn't - but when I would boot, the system just hangs. Main reason I bought this thing is I thought it would be plug and play but google isn't showing much in terms of what to plug where aside from 12v into your adapter and into your express slot (I have pe4L) and you're good to go. Any help would be great. Ahh dammit - after hours of messing with it I think I either broke the card or the card was already broken because now the fan doesn't even spin. I've tried all the methods out there and nothing works. Back to my 750 TI and I guess. At least it's portable I guess. Maybe I'll buy another egpu adapter and a brand-name card this time. Maybe I wasn't/am not getting enough power or something - not sure how that's possible with a 350W atx that's powering up my 750 right now but I guess 750 TI barely takes anything to run by comparison. Oh well, was really looking forward to today ><
  7. So I'm contemplating on upgrading my 750 TI for my 2570p (then I could use the 750 with my 2540p or something) and have been reading a lot of various tests - another 2570p member has been recommending 680 gtx (one of the reasons is that it can be used with the dell block - but it's not clear whether this is plug and play like the 670 and below listed in the 2570 owner thread) but I didn't find any conclusive real life tests with this card vs the gtx 770 and 970 aside from this post http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-pc/8099-12-hp-2570p-gtx970@4gbps-c-ec2-pe4l-2-1b-win7-%5Bunclejam%5D.html And here it looks like nando achieved very similar scores using 770 than 970 after all the recommended optimizations - so I guess my question is - which of these 3 should I be shooting for/would you guys recommend? Bench-wise, every site shows that 770 is very similar to 680, and I can find a 680 around where I live for fairly cheap (100-150), no 970s and 770s are 200+; online it's generally the same as well (680 costing generally less and 970 is incredibly high).
  8. Aye, the 8 hrs was with it doing nothing. Just opened cmd and ran the powercfg. Max dim, max savings, (didn't have TS with powersavings on, not sure how much that'd help, will try later - atm I don't have the quad in yet, so the cpu is only 35w as well if that matters). Taking forever - was supposed to arrive today >< I'm hoping to buy a 680 and perhaps run witcher 3 at a reasonable fps. Sucks that Shogun 2 has never been optimized =/ I love that game and it still sucks due to the whole 1 core thing.
  9. Sorry just going by the first post in this thread - "100Wh 9-cell battery (15hrs)" - sort of assumed that since you're listing it as one of the top features it was based on experience or something. My apologies I guess, but 8 hrs vs 15? Tweaks or not, that seems kind of weak. Oh well. At least I got a backup door stopper.
  10. Can anyone explain how the heck nando got 15 hours off a 9 cell? With max. savings my high capacity is barely hitting 8 with wifi off etc. I imagine I got a dud but perhaps I'm wrong and was hoping someone could stir me in the right direction. I ran powercfg -energy and it showed the max capacity and max charge to be the same (a hair below 71k), but not sure how to interpret that.
  11. So in case anyone runs into a similar problem as I have... I fixed my override issue by doing a fresh win7 install (it was already up to date and everything so I shot the moon and downloaded the 800 meg driver package then went through everything in DM one by one and updated it afterwards). I received the same exact errors/remarks/etc. only this time I decided to just fix the errors and now I can see the large memory block. So here comes step 2.. (and then I'll have to redo it all over because I want to move my 2540p SSD into it but that's fine I suppose). Still can't figure out why my SATA III drive is downgrading to II though and my 3.0 port is only 100 mb/s.. oh wells ><
  12. Well - finally got mine. After an arduous process with my 2540p where I finally managed to clean dsdt, this one did not present any issues except one that google doesn't want to reveal - my dsdt override is clean (this is before anything is plugged in) - no warnings/errors a few remarks about a useless reference or something but the large memory allocation still won't show up under resources. Has this ever happened to you guys - I'm finding nothing on google. p.s. After numerous attempts, I did plug the card in, error 12 as expected (I have 750 ti so it's a pain), ran setup 1.3 as before, but that did nothing as expected (nando told me I had to do both, clean dsdt first, then setup for this card, which is what I had done with 2540p but that's neither here nor there - why won't my large memory block show with a clean override? Any ideas?
  13. Thanks Nando, I think I misunderstood. I remember reading elsewhere that AMD quad cores are 4 cores and intel 'quad' is actually 2 cores hyperthreaded (not sure what that means exactly) that makes them a quad. But I guess you're talking about an actual quad core intel chip with 8 cores after HT? I see, so you simply buy a cheap i5 and then the chip itself separately. Like I'm looking at a 500 dollar 3610qm 2570 or as you mention I can simply buy a chip (I'm seeing one on ebay for like 140 bucks) and a cheap i5 (I'm seeing them as low as 100 in good condition). And according to that page a 3160qm i7 is 7500. I see - wow. I'll have to read through this thread some more to see what kind of issues people run in overriding DSDT with this as all this hardware swapping seems like it'd give some issues especially with my 750 Thanks! edit: Wow for like the same price I could've gotten a gigantic boost in comparison. Damn. This is a hidden gem indeed.
  14. Sorry if this has been posted - was unable to find a clear answer but now that I got my 2540p to work, I'm kind of itching to go higher as the CPU seems to really bottleneck. How big of a jump would this model be over the 2570 quad i7 (I have the 620 version) if I buy it with an I7 3520m? Kind of hoping to get a little more out of my 750 TI (most everything runs beautifully but things like witcher 2 dip into 20s if I'm above mediumish).
  15. Hehe, paid off in money or just pure sastisfaction - who knows - either way wow.. it did.. 8 gb is in Curious thing is that cities skylines ran on 2 gb ( would shut down if I had couple things open) but with 4 in, it said 2.5 used or so, and now with 8, says 3.5. Either way - can't express my joy if only because I know jack shit about coding and bang, knocked this out. My gf.. not so impressed.. whatever. Ordering caddy and bigger hdd next. Just learned I don't have essata on this model which is meh... but okay. I'm still consider 2570 as I've mentioned in another thread - seems like a great machine. But for now.. having win7 and 8 gb and 1080p on highest settings.. and it's on a workbook? Man.... Awesome - Was about to drop 1500 for a sager! edit: and yes I will write up a guide - not sure how useful it will be but I found many random comments useful when doing this. Just totally random really... Some guy saying he change blah to blah and it wasn't for my system and didn't worked but if I added extra variable for reasons I know not, it did work - well - it'll be in my 'guide'. cheers! p.s. no hdmi audio though
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