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  1. My pc got really slow after doing the bios flash. Starting up goes slow and in windows itself there seems to be a lag of 4-5 seconds with the click itself. After watching a video of the mod on vimeo I saw a difference in size at the FPARTS.TXT wich is 274kb at the video and mine is 8kb. I couldn't find the PRR file but I did use the PRR2 file, is this a new PRR(1)? Did I use the wrong FPARTS file?
  2. It's very interesting what your bringing up here. I don't know where you live but in the Netherlands the government shouts that we have to go green but uses the most paper of the whole country. I don't know if the demolition of a tablet or e-reader pollutes the earth more than the paper we would use in the YEARS of usage of a tablet/e-reader. I'm gonna search for an answer!
  3. I've played it on my 650m and I wasn't disappointed @1920*1080 Sure it cant go maxxed out but the graphics are great. jm2c
  4. I allready have 8 messages and still cant download files or send PM's :S why doesnt any moderator react on this topic?
  5. Dear members, I own a Asus RT-AC87U and absolutely love it. I live in a appartmentbuilding with around the 30 2.4GHz wifi signals. The previous netgear WRT4500 was a great router but lacks the power. After installing the AC87u I instantly got a better connection and the speed (by speedtest.net) allmost doubled. This is at 10 meters with 3 walls in between so it isn't the best location for the router but I dont have any space to putt it. If you are wondering if it is worth the money, I say: YES YES YES. Just have to improve the Wificard of my laptop and I can test the 5GHz on the laptop. The 5GHz on my HTC one M8 goes really well but I hope to receive more signals on the laptop because of the longer antennas. Greetings!
  6. It is possible that Lenovo detects that you opened it. I don't know if it's a policy in your country. Mine (and more Y500's) dont have this tape so I dont know if Lenovo did that to prevent DIY. After opening my laptop I broke 1 pin at the ultrabay because it was stuck. For your information: this does not prevent the back of the Y500 from closing. just make sure you remove the broken pin, dont let it get into the Ultrabay because it may damage something inside.
  7. For what I learned, do the Bios-flash made available my SVL7. Then you should be able to plug and play the Intel AC7260.
  8. My Wificard has broken down after having the same issues ment in the openingpost. Every 20/30 minutes the wifi disconnected and the laptop finds no wifi connections (while I have 20+ wifi connections opened in my building). Just bought the AC7260 and hope the biosflash will improve this issue.
  9. I cannot get in contact with a moderator AND I cant get what I need, please let a moderator help me.
  10. Dear tweakers, I am really interested in some software which is located on this forum databases. I need 5 posts to download something but it seems I cant get to this. I've read the Forum Rules and really understand the policy by the way. Can somebody give me clearance or tell me why it doesn't work with my account? Sincere, Thread closed by admin. The rules are clearly defined: http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/announcements.htm
  11. Interstellar.. Loved it all the way!
  12. I allready have the 2.04 bios but want to get rid of the Whitelist, because of a new intel AC7260 card which I am willing to install. If I follow the tutorial (prefering the Vimeo video) can I install all wifi cards with it?
  13. Wow, thats a bummer if you buy a laptop for its specs and then find out it doesnt have a SSD. I swapped my 16gb SSD for a 256gb and found out that the 16gb was shitty as h*ll. the 16gb has just enough to putt windows and office on it but the way it was partitioned by Lenovo made me scream for help from a mate of mine to get it working properly.
  14. Band of brothers theme suite one - two. Always nice to listen to.
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