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  1. Wow the forum is all stylish now. Congratulations to the mods! I know it has been a long time and a not so successful attempt for me. But I am still sitting on a PE4L 2.1b and a 120w ac adapter, both all new and working. I am throwing in a case to make a mod in order to fit a graphic card inside as well. I am selling them for really cheap as I just want to make more space in my room. Send me a PM if anyone is interested.
  2. Hello everyone, Unfortunately, after Nando last message I lost some confidence in the 750ti and send it back to the retailer. At the same retailer, there was a very good discount for a laptop with a 860m/1080p IPS (And good enough for mobile photography on the go.) for 600€. I decided to invest in this and sell what I acquired so far. I'm sad that after all my reading I couldn't manage to get this working and bought the wrong graphic card. Despite this setback, I want to thank Tech Inferno for the wonderful reading and knowledge I acquired on this forum. If anyone is interested, I am now selling a PE4L 2.1b with a 120w ac adapter in Europe.
  3. Short message from my mobile phone. I will have the pleasure to continue to mess with my computer tomorrow. However, i am having problem to get my 750ti to be recognized (Error12). I can get it in windows 8.1 when I plug the EC2C and install the latest nvidia driver but then I have to solve the error 12. I tried using setup 1.x without success. I then did a dsdt override following g this method: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/3539-guide-dsdt-override-simultaneous-igpu-dgpu-egpu-8.html . I am now facing a BSOD just after the windows logo on startup. Any solutions to solve this? Would be very much appreciated. @andrew: much appreciated. I am considering getting rid of the 2760qm for finance purpose....but I want to test first the difference in game vs the i5....only if u manage to get the egpu setup working.
  4. Andrew, Thank you for your answer and the information related to the I7-2760QM. I am going to dig into the Throttlestop mystery as I am not familiar with the software. I am curious about the mod you are talking about, please do post pictures when you will be finished with it.....if you have time. The idea of digging holes in the case is giving me chills. Adding copper between the CPU and heatsink was not in my plan. Ultimately, I am using the HP2560P because the I7 + Egpu could represent a nice improvement in my workflow for a very low cost. It has been a chore recently to edit RAW pictures on my MBP despite doing a lot of effort to make lightroom more efficient. I am lurking ebay times to times "in case of". I have quite a lot of stuff to sell. I want to find a system where a quad core will work without taxing too much on the heatsink while being compatible with an EGPU (Ideally without having to pay a premium for such a system.). Upgrades I am finding interesting price/quality wise are: - Dell e6440 (Available at good price in France thanks to student discount.) - Lenovo T430s (Surprisingly available at good prices/quantity here.. Bonus: I7 version with TB.) Ultimately, finding the most plug 'n' play solution will suit me. While waiting to upgrade system again, I am sure I am going to spend a lovely time with my HP2560p.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am Trying do dust off the HP2560P topic. I am sorry, my first message will be short due to time constraint. First a Big thanks from everyone, Techinferno and Nando for all the readings on Internet about the HP2560P. I have been lurking there and there for months and finally decided to post. I got one for free and I am now looking to replace my MacbookPro 13 mid 2010 fully with this computer + 22"inch screen + EGPU setup. Andrew479, do you still possess an HP2560P? (Reading your sign, I fear not.) I am also looking for an HP2570P but the investment is just too much for me at the moment.I am having few issues to set up an I7-2760QM properly (Got it at a good price) and I was hoping I could ask you and Nando a few questions. I have it in my computer and found the fan active much more often (45W and QM blablabla....yes but....) as well as the temp quite high. I think it might be: - 1st : no name thermal paste => Going to be replaced by Artic Silver 5 next week and have a copper mod on the heatsink. I hope to have better temp when both change will be done. - 2st: might have messed up with the processor minimal and maximum power state in the energy options (The fan are always on in energy saver mode but not always in normal mode.). I also took the plunge to do an EGPU with a 750TI low profile and a PE4L 2.1b. I will post updates about the future setup here. I am quite excited for that. I will only be able to do the hardware change next week as I am travelling right now. Meanwhile I am trying to optimize whatever I can on my laptop while eagerly waiting to come back.
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