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  1. Hey guys, does anyone also have stability issues when running games, HD video or resource heavy applications? The system sometimes crashes after 10 min gaming, other times after 2h but sometimes runs 6+ hours gaming without crashing. The system will freeze, sound/music stutters and screens turn black or sometimes just display solid brown or green colour (will post photos). Never crashed during browsing, music, or other everyday tasks; in fact is stable throughout the whole day. None of the components are overheating. Also I don't recall getting any crashes when running eGPU on internal screen only. HW Setup: Windows 8.1 Dual monitor (both external) EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked ACX DA-2 power supply, with molex to barell note: using a Corsair CXM 500W PSU + molex to barrel instead of DA-2 also crashes. SW setup: Evo* guide for Nvidia Optimus internal LCD mode Also followed one of the guides to enable eGPU in OSX Anyone knows how to fix this? Or what to look out for in order to pinpoint the issue? Cheers
  2. Hey guys, My current eGPU setup: - ATX Corsair CX500M PSU - EVGA GTX 760 (170W TDP) - powered PCIe x16 riser The GPU requires 1x 6 pin + 1x 8 pin connectors and I'm not sure if the new setup I'm planning will safely provide that: New eGPU setup: - DA-2 PSU - EVGA GTX 760 (170W TDP) - 6pin Y splitter (1x male to 2x female) - 6pin to 2x6+2 splitter (got this from the PSU) - barrel mod So the GPU has 170W TDP, whereby 75W is provided directly from the PCIe slot and the remaining 95W is provided by 6 pin + 8 pin. However, the 6 pin splitter is only rated for 75W, so we are going slightly over. I found somewhere that in practice, the 6 pin is apparently able to provide way more, up to 150W, still not sure if it's safe over a long time. Is this going to be a problem? Probably not during light use but how about when gaming or other GPU heavy tasks? I made a super professional diagram to better illustrate the setup: Bonus question: I'm about to solder the 2x12v and 2xGND onto a barrel. - Can I solder both 12v wires together onto the + terminal as well as both GND together onto the - terminal? Or how would I go about this? Would really appreciate your input. Thanks for the help.
  3. Sorry, just realised how ambiguous my question was. I meant running the partition itself in parallels, without the eGPU. And if anyone wonders, it works without problems. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Well that was a silly question from me then... Thanks! Edit: Wait, so is it actually safe to run Parallels or not?
  5. Awesome guide man, thanks a lot! Do you think this will work with a VM like Parallels Desktop? Since I have a limited understanding about what you've actually done here, I am too afraid to load the Optimus enabled partition in Parallels (maybe it would somehow mess up the partition?). Cheers
  6. Thanks for the quick reply @Dschijn! Damn I was too excited after buying the Akitio that I forgot to check the 6/8 pins! You saved me from some trouble there However, I can't find a 2x6pin to 8pin adapter anywhere so I'd be better off getting the 450W Silverstone PSU with 6pin + 8pin. I wanted to get the smallest case possible, so SFX PSUs were necessary. They don't sell the Chieftec with 120mm fan in the UK, so I had to settle with the Silverstone with 80mm fan, even though the reviewers all complained about the fan noise. This riser looks like it has a capacitor of some sort, what do you think (link)? If not, I'd have to get a slighty more expensive one (link). As for the GPU, I am most inclined to go for the GTX 760 just because it's less expensive. But it depends: A) Cheap 120mm PSU (~£30?) + GTX 970 (~£220) + no case = £250 - Silent, High performance, less portable+looks ugly+80% chance of spilling a drink on it SFX PSU (£70) + GTX 670 (~£130) + Silverstone mini-ITX case (£60) = £260 - noisy, medium performance, good portability+clean solution Decisions, decisions! Also from reading the super long main Akitio thread I get the idea that EVGA is the safe choice but would you recommend other makers of the equivalent GPU models that are cheaper and have been proved to work without the extra hassle (e.g. having to boot with a long specific sequence to get optimus working properly with MSI and some other cards? as described here). Vielen Dank for going through all these questions!
  7. Hi, great work mate, this guide has been super helfpul. I'm considering pretty much the same setup but I've got a couple questions: Would it be okay to use a Silverstone 300W PSU instead of the 500W? Is this PCIe riser okay? Seems kind of cheaper compared to what others have. I'm still deciding between the EVGA GTX 970 and the EVGA GTX 760. - There should not be any issues with either one, right? Is either one better in terms of plug & play/running into techical problems? Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Hey guys, I've been following this thread for quite some time now but first post now! Just wanted to let people in the UK (and Europe) know there's a deal for the Akitio Thunder2 PCIe - from £199 reduced to £169 + shipping. This week only! Link: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=HD-048-AK Edit: Damn, sorry @Tech Inferno Fan, didn't know I had a tag in there...I wouldn't benefit from it or anything.
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