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  1. Maybe a stupid question, jt, but have you chosen the "NVIDIA Web Driver" as active driver?
  2. At least a single display is more than we've had before - great job MVC!
  3. Reposted: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/8581-%5Bwip%5D-2013-macpro-nmp-gtx680%4016gbps-tb2-akitio-thunder2-osx10-10-guide-i.html Sorry, didn't get a notice - I registered at the 12th.
  4. This guide is based on @goalque 's guide ( [GUIDE] 2013 13" Macbook Pro + GTX980@16Gbps-TB2 (Netstor NA211TB) + Win8.1/OSX10.10 ) HARDWARE: MacPro 2013 (nMP), 6 Core, 64GB RAM, 2x AMD FirePro 500 US$200 AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box (16Gbps-TB2) PCIe Riser Cable with powered Molex PCIe Riser Card ( Delock Produkte Delock Riser Karte PCI Express x16 BTX rechts gerichtet ) Cooler Master Elite 130 BeQuiet PurePower L8 530W PSU The Elite 130 isnt a very shine case, but it is able to hold a ATX PSU and a fullsize graphics card. I am going with the GTX680 instead of the planned GTX980, because I wasn't able to run CUDA applications with the GTX980 - it was recognized correct, CudaZ also shows the 980 but no tool used the card. SOFTWARE: You need: NVIDIA Web Drivers, CUDA Driver (if you want to use CUDA), TextWrangler... I followed the guide of goalque ( [GUIDE] 2013 13" Macbook Pro + GTX980@16Gbps-TB2 (Netstor NA211TB) + Win8.1/OSX10.10 ), it doesn't matter if you are using a MacBook or MacPro the steps are (of course) always the same. PEPARING THE CASE: 1. I removed everything out of the Akitio Case and used the Akitio-Hardware to mark inside of the Elite 130 where I have to drill new holes. I used screws with nuts as spacer (that way I was more flexible in adjusting it). 2. does it fit? yes... 3. I've done the same with the Riser Card, used a graphics card to get the correct position - then I connected the riser card by using the riser cable with the Akitio. Also I connected the Molex with the power cable of the PSU. 4. ...of course we need the PSU itself also in the case 5. lets get in the GTX680 SYSTEM PROFILER , LUXMARK, CUDA-Z: When rendering the eGPU uses about 180-200 Watts, so far it runs pretty solid. Next steps: - getting a SWEX (if there is a shop in Germany offering it) (done, got it direct from Bplus) - figuring out why the 980 isn't used for CUDA and then swapping the 680 with it. Many thanks also at @Dschijn for giving me more infos, helped me a lot to finish this project in a short time.
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