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  1. I got R-W Everything work so now I can confirm that the DSDT table was pulled while first putting it into the in-memory and then chainload with "testrun" into win10 using the setup 1.30. But then again the ACPI Error bluescreen is showing. So is there something wrong with my dsdt.aml table file I am building? I tried creating the new dsdt table using your approach as well as the one here (http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/3539-guide-dsdt-override-simultaneous-igpu-dgpu-egpu.html) which is a lot faster and easier (but also correct? especially the "fix error" part I am a bit unsecure about). And the only error I am getting (in both approaches) is: ..and some warnings and remarks but those I can ignore right? The thing is when I click "fix errors" in the DSDT Editor it does something but the line does not change. Is the tool creating something elsewhere to fix it? Edit: ok with a diff tool I saw that it "fixes" it with changing the line "Name (_IRC, 0x00)" to "Name (IRC, 0x00)" But that is not an actual fix right? Without the tool I used the fix I found on "Brightbulb" which is not online anymore, but was especially for egpu with x230 16gb ram and worked before yesterday: Is that valid? Are both working? EDIT: About the size, the resulting dsdt.aml is 62kb and the first dumped dsdt.dat file is 69kb so all good right? But Reading this I am a bit confused because when I first did this months ago I in windows 8.1 I had to delete the Win95/WinXP/... entries to make the file smaller and to get it working. Why not anymore? Win10?
  2. That I do not get. I mean the substitution is in place otherwise why would I get a bluescreen, or what do you mean? And how exactly do I chainload into win10? I mean what options in setup 1.30? Just doing the "testrun" in chainload after i did the "pt MEM ..." command in the setup 1.30 command line? I also have the problem that the R-W Everything today just opens, fills my 16gb of ram completely and then gives an error after clicking the "ACPI Table" button. What can i do about it? Yesterday when I first installed it, it worked fine.
  3. Hi I have a problem concerning my setup with thinkpad x230, 16gb ram, i7 and GTX 970. After an odyssey with @Tech Inferno Fan without getting setup1.30 to work(thanks again for the patience and all the help ), I finally got it working with a DSDT Override manually. It worked fine with windows 8.1 for quite a long time and I could even plug and play the express card while running windows. Then I updated to windows 10 and even then it kept working awesome. But today after like 2 weeks of gaming pause I tried plugging it in again and it did not work. So I looked if the GTX 970 is still in the device manager. BAM.. Code 12 again.. So tried hot plugging while booting in bios and all that stuff I had to try month ago.. without success. Then I saw that there is no "large memory" (which shows after DSDT override) anymore, so I thought the testmode is off, but it was not (or at least it showed on the bottom right corner still testmode on. But to be sure i activated again and tried, no success. Then even though i really didnt know anymore how to do the DSDT Override anymore I found the old links I'd done it the first time with. I even tried several approaches but all just give back "ACPI Error" Bluescreen after reboot so I had to recover windows... Am I doing something wrong? Is the new windows 10 preventing the DSDT Override? Do I need other tools than the ones for win8.1 for compiling and all the loading tables stuff? I think the Lenovo BIOS updated at some point recently, could it be that? Any ideas? I would really appreciate. Thank you.
  4. Ok I did that but like I said, if it boots then I get the "code 12"/"error 12" in windows then. So you suggest I have to buy the setup 1.x and that will fix it? Is there somewhere a guide or can you give me some hints how to use the tool then?
  5. Hi, I am that german dude Eisbrecher99 was refering to. I still haven't figured out how to get my setup running Am I inserting the express card at the wrong time maybe? Could you watch the video of my startup ( ) and tell me maybe the second where you are inserting the card? I cannot find the right moment. Either the boot hangs up before windows starts with a black screen(like in the video) or it boots and the card is recognized as it is but with code 12. Is that right like that and I have to do something with setup 1.x ? I havent done anything with it yet. Where do I get it and will it help?I hope someone can help me, i am quite frustrated already and soon I will not be able to send the parts back so i have a 450€ worth paperweight Thank you so much
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