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  1. Thanks alot for the guide Dschijn, I am at the beginning of my research on getting an eGPU for my late 2013 13" rMBP and your guide is very helpful. Price wise, I think you can't beat the AKiTiO right now which is great, especially with the current deal going on. I have a question for you though. I only plan on using this setup in OSX 10.10 (mainly for D3 and WoW so no need for a Windows partition). I have a few questions on the limitations of a setup like that as I am still on the fence regarding investing in this kind of setup if it is not reliable. 1 - Once the setup is complete, what happens if I boot up the laptop with the eGPU turned off, will OSX default back to the IRIS and be just fine? 2 - What happens if I turn off the setup while OSX is running, will it cause a Kernel panic? Does this setup support hot plug? 3 - What happens if I turn on the setup while OSX is already running (pretty similar question to 2)...will this work? I guess what I want to know is: my laptop is, most of the time, docked at my desk. I would ideally want it to use the eGPU when docked but I would also like to retain the ability to take the laptop and leave my desk without having to carry everything (even better if I dont have to turn off the laptop too)! Thanks for your help, this will help me pull the trigger on this kind of setup...would certainly beat having a micro atx gaming PC under my desk :S
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