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    Clevo x7200

    Hey everyone, Im a proud owner of a x7200 clevo laptop and I just purchased a nvidia gtx 780m from ebay, from a user who had the card in a clevo machine(dont know which model). The laptop wont post it just powers up and the fans spin high for 40 secs and die down. the screen is black. Do i need another power supply? Do i need to change my bios? Currant bios is MB97_bios firmware 12 (728BV12S) Bios 1.01.12SA LS3 EC 1.00.07SA3 Get someone to change the vbios? or did i royally mess up and get a card that is not compatible? I appreciate all the feedback. update: Put back one 480m in master slot and 780m in slave. did not attach sli cable. bios saw 480m in slot 1 and unknown vga in slot 2 windows recognized the 480m but not the 780m . unable to update drivers on 780m card in windows. Might see if i can change the vbios now since I can boot. Update2: 780m bios ver GPU=GK104 revision FF Update3: NVflash DOS sees 780m gtx card. Flashed to the latest clevo vbios still same issue
  2. Im curious, i have a clevo x7200, i know it goes by another name sager np7280, is there any other names it goes by, just in case i have miss on the latest bios update?
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