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  1. Yea, I took it apart and cleaned it last week, cant seem to lower the temps. Maybe ill try it with my lenovo laptop and see if i get better results
  2. @Tech Inferno Fan Sure thing, just got the results but I realised that the Acer Aspire 5755G has overheating issues... that would explain the terrible scores, also I noticed in HWMonitor my temperature is always 80 degrees, that aside everything is fine in performance manager Web result: 3DMark 11 [720p] Web result: 3DMark 11 [1080p] Web result: 3DMark Vantage [720p] Web result: 3DMark Vantage [1080p] 3DMark 06 [720p] 3DMark 06 [1080p] Notice how in 3DMark 06, the 1080p result is higher than 720p... interesting
  3. hi guys, just wondering if its possible if i can turn on my computer and boot into windows using egpu automatically without going into setup 1.30... Or is that impossible
  4. ok suddenly getting error 43... i dont know what happened... it says unconfigured display adapter found device not accessible in the show state.. Edit: Fixed the error by reformatting my computer as a last resort
  5. Sure, ill do some 3dmark 11 tomorrow and see. What scores you recon i should expect?
  6. Acer Aspire 5755G Processor: Intel HM67 Express Quad Core i7 2630QM 2GHz Base, 2.9GHz Turbo RAM: 8GB iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 dGPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 2GB eGPU: Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB Guide: 1. Remove dGPU nvidia drivers 2. Boot into BIOS and change graphics mode to integrated graphics 3. Install Setup 1.30 4. Insert the EXP GDC v7/6 into the mPCIe port and connect the power etc 4. Boot into Setup 1.30 and select the third option 5. Change to chain loader from mbr2 to mbr, initialize egpu and run pci compaction with iGPU and eGPU 6. Save then reboot 7. Boot into OS EXP GDC V7 + enclosure pics + comments in spoiler This is everything that is included in the package without retail packaging. (Enclosure and ATX power cable was an additional purchase) This is my current setup. For now I'm using an ATX until my Dell DA-2 arrives. As you can see here the light in the EXP GDC v7 is green
  7. Sure, ill take the pics now before i clean everything up
  8. awesome card man! Are you using thunderbolt? If only my wallet wasnt crying, id be a proud owner of a 970
  9. Thanks so much man, everything is all good now also for people getting the metal enclosure for the exp gdc v7, its good but you need to bend it into shape and also they only gave me 5 screws... But its alright, i found some more from a broken pc. The enclosure isnt that fashionable, looking to paint it soon. Also its insanely heavy! Other than that its pretty average. Also you can add a fan to increase airflow, which is nice. One more thing, the exp gdc v7 gives you an extention cable for extending the power to your graphics card, but you should need it. Let me know if you want pics, i can upload them if you like.
  10. thanks man, can you be a bit more specific, it came up with this blue cmd like screen D: it was very intimidating ahahah
  11. omg it works, thanks guys. so basically it was a dud card. I swapped it out with a brand new 660 and it works fine but i have to go through configuring everything in egpu setup D: is there a way to save the configuration so i dont need to configure it every single time?
  12. thanks buddy, everything works except i cant output to my monitor o.O in the device manager it list my card as gtx 650, thats good but theres an exclamation next to it... what does it mean?
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