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  1. Hello all I would like to ask you if you can help me ... I have AW M17XR2 and for some reason my keyboard has no backlight (i bought it from second hand cheaper) and now when i turned it on it lit up. I tried to turn it off and on and didnt light again. I think its a BIOS issue because when it was lighting through i was moving and "bending" laptop, the light didnt stop. Do you guyz have anyone same issue? Ty for your reply. Sincerly Vratislav Rusz
  2. Can you please help me with my problem with dell? The laptop normally starts on external monitor (when i disconnect internal one) . But, when i plug external monitor out, and plug in the internal in, it shows screen only for a while (few miliseconds) - it just blinks on bios booting. Can it be BIOS proble? Or its just problem with magnetic sensor, when laptop is closed? Please help to repair this pc. Thank you so much.
  3. Hello everyone, I have big problem. After repair of my Lenovo Y500 in a service (it had blown off a chip on motherboard - not bios chip, just some chip) my numlock doesnt work. Doesnt work + and - or enter and numlock numbers. I have recognized that BIOS think its Lenovo Y400. I please you so much is there any way to fix this? Thank you, Sincerly, Vratislav Rusz
  4. Hello everyone. I had serious problem . Afer repairing my lenovo y500 i have problem. My chip on MB (some chip dont know wich, but it wasnt bios) burned. So i gave the laptop to proffesional hands and it is working, BUT the bios can see no serial number (this isnt quite problem), AND the keyboard numlock doesnt work. I think its because of that BIOS thinks that this is lenovo y400 and y400 has no NumLock. Please help me. So much thank you. Sincerly, Vratislav Rusz
  5. Vrata

    Display problem

    Hello, I have a problem, when i open my display (arround 80 degree and more) my display is blue colored (black turns into blue and for example red is violet. I think its a contact issue. Or could it be broken wire? Thank you
  6. Vrata

    Y500 sound issue

    Hello, I have problem. Sound on my laptop works only sometimes but sometimes no. I think it's a contact issue. When i plug in headphones everything is ok. Thank you for reply
  7. Hello everybody, I have problem. When i plug out DC jack from my y500, gpu underclocks down to 135Mhz even if i set High performance. I sometimes want to play a game on battery, but almost any game is lagging due this problem. Thank you for your help. Vratislav Rusz
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